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  1. 7CardBud

    I'm stumped, what am I doing wrong??

    VPD and PPFD readings will help as well. Get an IR thermometer and see if you have a device that can run a PPFD/PAR application like Photone.
  2. 7CardBud

    Light height from plant

    Yes, I run it from a fairly new iPhone. It has worked well without any malfunctions I would definitely expect to see some variations in readings when something uses different software and build components.
  3. 7CardBud

    Ballast wiring and lamp setup, HELP!

    I think at this point you need to find someone that knows how to use a DMM and crack that thing open. Those instructions are crap and the build on that thing is looks like that bought up old Radio Shack parts to make it. I wouldn't even trust the instructions.
  4. 7CardBud

    Light height from plant

    I checked the Photone app. to the MQ-500 the local shop rents. It was off by something like 6-7%. thats close enough to grow weed for me.
  5. 7CardBud

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Just added a few more Tbars and tied up some heavy leaners. She is staying nice and green with no PM yet. I'm still worried these won't make it to full ripen since they started so late. h
  6. 7CardBud

    I'm thinking of trying an earthbox/self watering pot design, but how to top dress?

    I think if you up your perlite content in the media should be able to top water more often without keeping the rootzone soggy to long.
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    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    I'm planning on getting out of the Boston Burbs soon and moving to the Carver area. Most of the area is cranberry bogs and ponds, so it should be easy to find a place with no visible neighbors, free water to pump and some decent open sunny areas. I should be able to sell my little crackshack up...
  8. 7CardBud

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    You don't have to be in the hood, I'm in a quiet dead end mid-class neighborhood and my wife's car got hit by a smash and grab in the late night. She left her work compartment briefcase in the car and it was a prime target. They caught the guys using her corporate business card. One was from MA...
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    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    As much as they deserve it, I wouldn't leave any traps that would do physical damage. You open yourself up for civil and possible criminal action. I opt for some physiological deterrents around my property. I have POW and US flags on each corner of my deck and a Semper Fi sticker on my...
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    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    I like the idea of dumping the shot out and loading with cayenne, then cover with an overshot card or piece of cardboard.
  11. 7CardBud

    what do you do with all the extra weed?

    "Accidently" droppin' dubs at certain places around your community can be worth the price of admission. My favorite spots are around the benches at the nursing home and around the veteran's medical clinic.
  12. 7CardBud

    What nutrients are you guys using

    I keep on hand a Base salt, Calnit, Epsom, soluble micros, pH down, and potassium silicate. I'm running Jacks right now, but I'll buy whatever is the best deal in 25# and 50# bags. I rebag the larger bags into gallons then put those in sealed 5 gallon buckets. Then make stock solutions as...
  13. 7CardBud

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    My girls got the lean going on after this storm. The top meaty colas shot up pretty high through the trellis netting and are laying side ways on it. The netting definitely saved me some snapped stems. I'm gonna get some 10ft rebars and see what needs to be done tomorrow morning. Do you need...
  14. 7CardBud

    Another satisfied 19-4-23 grower.

    I use a little sweetener in my grow operation as well, but that goes in my coffee before I walk out to the garden. 19-4-23 is a just another general production fertilizer. I personally wouldn't get sold on that one formula, if I found a 15-5-20 at half the price I wouldn't hesitate to use that...
  15. 7CardBud

    Watering/Nutrients question

    0.5 gram per liter of K2SO4 will give you a 225 PPM solution of K. That is a good rate to keep a plant healthy.
  16. 7CardBud

    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    I use Potassium Silicate. In the past I have used liquids like Armour Si and Protekt, right now I'm using Agsil16H powder to make a stock solution. For the convenience factor after this batch of powder, I'm gonna pick up a gallon of Armour Si. The medical plants are still going strong. The...
  17. 7CardBud

    hps to led problems

    My personal hunch....I think LEDs may slow nutrient uptake and the Cal/Mg issues show first.
  18. 7CardBud

    hps to led problems

    It could also be the LEDs aren't heating the leaf surfaces and the lower transpiration of the plants is reducing nutrient uptake. You can check your canopy PPFD with a free app like Photon, 800-1100 is usually the sweet spot for flowering.
  19. 7CardBud

    Favorite Music or Movie to Harvest to?

    Wife and I always play some Elton when we're in the trim jail.
  20. 7CardBud

    Can anybody ID this?

    You probably have a borer larva in a nearby stem.