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  1. Kush Inc.

    Med man's brand Med's web

    I got 4 freebie regs from the Attitude. The description says this strain is not suitable for smoking, only for extraction. I've smoked 0% THC strains before without a problem. You seriously can't smoke this? Does...
  2. Kush Inc.

    Fox Farm big bloom PH measuring issue

    Normally I don't use Fox Farm nutes but a friend just gave me about half a liter each of the Fox Farm Trio so I might as well give them a go. I noticed that Big Bloom turns my water in such a brown sludge I can barely measure the PH using a "put 3 drops in 5 ml of feeding water" solution. I do...
  3. Kush Inc.

    Paying with Coinbase

    I'm new to using crypto currency. I can't install Coinbase yet because I just moved and still need to fix a phone number (will be sorted out over the next few days). Can someone tell me if Coinbase just acts as a wallet to buy and sell crypto currencies and I need to install another app to...
  4. Kush Inc.

    Attitude seedbank freebie question

    I have a +- 600 Euro order ready. Can I split this into 3 x 200 Euro orders and get the freebies three times or do they limit this?
  5. Kush Inc.

    Todd McCormick ON Haze crosses

    I was looking at some of the ON haze crosses, specifically Sour tangie x ON, Tangie x ON and Green Crack x ON, but there's barely any desrcription on the AG seeds website or grow reports. Does anyone have experience with the crosses I just mentioned? Are there other McCormick strains that are...
  6. Kush Inc.

    Topping monsterclones question

    Is it best to wait until they stop making one and three fingered leaves before topping them? Or it doesn't matter?
  7. Kush Inc.

    Good male strain to make crosses with different females

    For my next grow I'm gonna pollinate a few buds on each plant. I always grow a few kushes, a few sour strains and a few sweet strains. It's the first time I do this so I'm gonna keep it simple and just go with 1 male to pollinate them all. What would be a good strain from which breeder?
  8. Kush Inc.

    Devil's harvest seeds freebies when ordering from their website?

    I have the choice to buy from an intermediary seedbank and get some generic own brand freebies or buy directly from their website. Is there someone who can tell me if they add freebies when buying directly from them?
  9. Kush Inc.

    25 clones in 4"x 4" tent

    After 7 years of crapshooting fem beans I had some good results with cloning recently and - seeing they are smaller- I wondered if I could squeeze 5 rows of 5 plants in my 4"x4"tent.... Is this OK or too much?
  10. Kush Inc.

    Has anyone grown "Exotic seed" gear? They're Spanish it seems. Never heard anyting good or bad about them.