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  1. gr865

    Starting seeds to go into ebb and flow buckets.

    Have a question on starting seeds for my 5 gallon Gro and Flo buckets. Last grow I tried starting the seeds in 1.5 inch rockwool cubes and it was a disaster, took forever to get the roots to reach the solution, once they did reach the solution they took off ok but had pH issues which caused zinc...
  2. gr865

    GR's Flow and Grow 4, plant Gorilla Cookies!!!!!

    Well here I go again, trying something new. My first attempt this year was a total bum-fuck. I started my seeds and got 6 out of 6 to germ. Only needed 5 so I put one in a pot outside. Things were going ok when I made a major newbie mistake, I overfed the plants when they were too young and lost...
  3. gr865

    GR's RDWC, Flow & Grow, 6 plants. Come join the fun!

    My first true Hydroponic grow. Been growing in Coco/Perlite for aver 8 years now. I know that C/P is actually hydro but this truly feels like hydro. Got a hell of a deal on an Active Aqua Flow & Grow 6 pot setup. I just love my hydro guy, he beat every price I could find on line by over $175...
  4. gr865

    GR's 2022 Auto Grow

    Will be start a journal with this grow. Right now just a little info as I get stuff ready. Mixed my Canna Coco (75%) with mid grade Perlite (25%) for 5 - two gallon Smart Pots. Added 1,650 grams in each Smart Pot. Dumped the Smart Pots into a 5 gallon bucket and added two tablespoons of Great...
  5. gr865

    Jack's for RO DTW

    I have been using Canna Nutes for my DTW grows for the past 6 plus years. I get very good results but the cost continues to rise. I have been looking into Jack's Part A and B recently and just wondering if anyone would like to comment on this product. I think I would continue to use Cannazyme...
  6. gr865

    New LED and new grow, gonna need some assistance here please.

    Three Auto's in the 3 gallon fabric pots, two Critical XL and one Gelato. at 8 days since emergence. Did not realize I got two in this cup. In the 12 solo's there are Cookies and Cream regular's gifted to me. This was right before the squirrels decided to play with the cups, knocked...
  7. gr865

    New LED and new grow, gonna need some assistance here please.

    Three Auto's in the 3 gallon fabric pots, two Critical XL and one Gelato. at 8 days since emergence. Did not realize I got two in this cup. In the 12 solo's there are Cookies and Cream regular's gifted to me. Overall I got 10 C&C's sprouted and going to give the other two cups a couple...
  8. gr865

    New to LED's and this lamp! Does anyone have thoughts on dimming the HLG Scorpion Diablo?

    About to plug this monster in, I am unsure how to use the dimming feature. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  9. gr865

    Does anyone have any info or experience with this unit.

    Rapid LED CXB3590 5' X 5' LED Grow Kit 12 - Cree 75W Cobs, 900W total. Looks good, but no info.
  10. gr865


    I am at day 60 of flower with approx. 10 days to go, and the plants are really putting on the weight. They are beginning to foxtail and the new stigmas are bright white and going strong. My rez is 21 gallons and I get 6 days watering per rez. On the 7th day there is around 2 gallon in the rez...
  11. gr865

    Cal/Mag Issues

    The "Cal/Mag" issue is getting out of hand, have seen this before. In my early days of growing not knowing any better I was doing Hempys and decided to use the runoff to water the plants, bad idea. Have since change the rez and added extra Calimagic and Epsom. ready to flip but worried about...
  12. gr865

    Setup for this old man

    I'm 73 years old so working in a 4x4 tent that's in 4.5 x 5 foot closet does not allow for me to get to the plants very well. Ther solution: Build a system that can be pulled forward in the tent. First built a tray on rollers, the rollers are spaced to fit into the grooves of the drain tray...
  13. gr865

    Surge of growth after 5th week of flower.

    Just wondering if anyone sees this? During flower, I do a flush with each rez change. When the rez has enough solution to run just one more cycle I add a couple of gallons of RO @ 129 ppm which bring the rez ppm to around 350, pH and flush. After the 5th week, when I add Liquid KoolBloom, I do...
  14. gr865

    pH Meters

    Need recommendation on a new pH meter. I have used the same brand of meter for the past 8 years, have purchased over 4 of them, have changed the diodes regularly. about every 1.5 years or so the main unit dies and I have to replace it. I am fucking tired of doing this. Almost 3 weeks into 12/12...
  15. gr865

    Mixing FECO with Instant Pot oil

    Has anyone mixed FECO/Coconut Oil with Olive Oil Extraction Instant pot method? I have 24 grams of FECO I made this weekend that I decarbed post extraction @ 235 F, 4 plus hours till completely smooth surface. While still warm I added 10 X Coconut oil (240 grams) with one tablespoon of...
  16. gr865

    Trying something new.

    Hi y'all, GR865 back with another Coco grow. Not sure what method I will grow this round, Vertical or Horizontal, will determine that once everything is started in the solo cups. Started the seeds in a solution of H2O, Cal/Mag and a touch of Rapid Start, 12hrs and the seeds have sunk to the...
  17. gr865

    Timing and light

    I just received a couple of free autos, Auto Gelato's. I have never grown autos before, so what lighting schedule should I use? \
  18. gr865

    Mixed Rosin Gummy's

    5 trays, 250 gummy's, 20 grams of mixed decarbed Rosin & Cherry Jello. Just took 4 to see how they work.
  19. gr865

    Weighing Coco

    Question: Does anyone weigh their coco prior to putting it in the pots? I started a couple of grows ago, weighing the coco/perlite, packing it in the Smart pots to the level desired and doing that to pots. I will water it in with nute solution and then top it off with coco/perlite to the...
  20. gr865

    Couple of pics from my Vertical coco, DTW

    Update: Day 14 of 12/12 Everything is looking good, the stretch is continuing, did a bit of LST and Super Cropping today. Removed some of the fans, removed the nets and refastened the plants to the screen. After reinstalling the nets, moved the branches around to begin filling the nets. I...