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  1. konagirl420

    Kona's Party Spot

    Party !! I figured it was time for me to make a new thread, plus I am stuck in the hospital cause they are doing tons of tests cause my seizures have gotten worse. Just stying positive and keeping my self entertained :) I love all sorts of music and talking about my medicine lol growing it...
  2. konagirl420

    KonaCali 420 Party All Invited!!!!!!!

    420 Party All Invited No Discrimination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO Bs, NO Discrimination, All Laws Followed, Location can be voted on................I just want to Party!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. konagirl420

    KonaCali's SoCal Muliti Strain Grow - Let's Keep it Poppin' Boys ;)

    Ok the long awaited new thread is here hehehehe!!!!! Not gonna be that great of a first post, but here ya go just gonna show ya what I am working with ;)
  4. konagirl420

    KonaGirl420 1st Grow All By Myself

    So I thought I was starting like a normal grow journal, but a friend on here suggested I start a thread instead of just a journal on my profile! So this is KonaGirl420's 1st Grow All By Myself!!! I have grown my ex-husband before but this is my first time on my own so this is my 1st Grow All By...