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  1. Moflow

    Cal Mag , has it gone bad?

    I've noticed these brown flecks in my Cal Mag product. Has it separated and now useless? It is Green Planet Nutrients Pro Cal Here's what it looks like Any ideas what has happened to it? Thanks
  2. Moflow

    UVB - Flower Power F40 (4 foot)

    I've got my hands on a 4ft Solarcure Flower Power UVB fluorescent tube and fitting. I'm thinking of using it the last couple of weeks of flowering. As my leds are ~ 1ft - 300mm from the top of the plant canopy will this UVB tube be too close/powerful at...
  3. Moflow

    "The Mantis" UV light fixture

    Ì got one yesterday to try out in my hut area. It cost me £49.00. It came in discreet packaging, you'd never guess what was in the box...... my arse! Thank goodness it was bought in the shop. I feel embarrassed for the box designer. Lol Never mind sunglasses for the light, you need them for box...
  4. Moflow

    Introducing the very latest SAMSUNG LED Technology - LM301H EVO & LH351H V3

    I received an email from Invisible Sun UK led this morning. It's New' super efficient led chips they are touting. LM301H EVO, also a new LH351H V3 Deep Red. Anyone heard this was in the pipeline...
  5. Moflow

    The Jungle - The Mantis UV LED Grow Light Indoor 25W

    I saw these for the first time today on the web and thought I'd share. UV-A supplemental lighting.
  6. Moflow


    Do any of you outdoor growers notice if bees are attracted to your cannabis plants? I'm a mostly indoor grower but take the indoor plants outside to chop when they're ready. The odd bumblebee might come over for a quick look, they don't even land on the buds, then they fly off to the garden...
  7. Moflow

    Leds - Surprising growth with low watts per square foot

    I thought I'd share this low wattage experiment with you all. A 4ft x 4ft tent. ~ 270 wall watts. 16.875 watts per square fòot DIY Fixture size 39" x 24" - 1m x 600mm. Driver MW HLG 240H - 48A 5 x 2ft strips. Each strip has120 Samsung LM301Bs, with 6 x Samung LH351H Deep Red (660 nm) and 2 x...
  8. Moflow

    Hermie question

    I have a RQS Royal Gorilla fem plant i grew from seed that I've had going for a few Years now. I just clone the clones, no mother plant. I have 6 x clones of it in a tent at the moment , they're in multi purpose compost and perlite. 3 weeks into 12/12 flowering and just one clone has hermied...
  9. Moflow

    Which ingredient in this Nutrient line causes pH to drop?

    My tap water pH is ~ 7.5 pH. When I add this Chempak 8 nutrient it drops pH to 6.4 pH. Yet when I add Tomatorite nutrient to my ~ 7.5pH tap water the pH doesn't change and I have to use pH Down drops to lower it. I'm just curious as to what causes this. Tomatorite Thanks
  10. Moflow

    Samsung 2ft F Strip for side lighting build.

    Take one HLG550 V1 Disconnect the wires, remove the driver. Drill out all the rivets and take off the Quantum Boards. Store boards safely to reattach later. So you are now left with the bare Heatsink Draw two lines across the Heatsink as shown below. Get a hacksaw and cut along the two...
  11. Moflow

    Dinafem White Widow Auto

    I decided to try my hand at an outdoor Auto to see how they do here in Northern climes. I was given two auto seeds from a mate and only this one popped. I had it growing in a 4" pot indoors under 4000K F Strips until the weather warmed up a bit then transplanted it into the 19l air pot and stuck...
  12. Moflow

    Lumatek Zeus 600 Pro

    Has anyone any thoughts on the new led offering from Lumatek? It's a UK Company. I used their 660 watt Digital HPS Ballasts for years, some of my friends still use them. Good gear. They offer a couple of models. The Zeus 600, the Zeus 600 Pro and a Zeus 1000 Watt Pro being released shortly. They...
  13. Moflow

    Diyleduk Scope 240 led strip light Upgrade

    I received a package from a couple of days ago. It contained 5 of his new V2 enhanced spectrum strips for me try out. So a BIG thank you to @diyled ......:grin: The consist of 120 Samsung LM301Bs, with 6 x Cree XPG3 660NM and 2 x Cree XPG3 730NM Diodes. Well packaged, as...
  14. Moflow

    Red stem data

    Here's some data to peruse in pursuit of the Red Stem Conundrum Is it the light spectrum, the temperatures, the overall environment or genetics? The red stems do not worry me in the slightest and the plants all finish up nice. I'm at roughly 55°N in the UK It's ok to use the Sun as a veg...
  15. Moflow

    HLG 550 problems

    One of my friends said his hlg 550 is just flashing on and off. He said he's checked all the connections and changed the plug fuse. He said he contacted HLG via email last week and they haven't got back to him.... Is it a driver fault ? Ive searched in riu and web but couldn't find any info but...
  16. Moflow

    HLG120H 54A For Samsung F 48v strips

    I'd a spare driver lying about, the MW Hlg 120h 54A 49v - 53v, 1.1 - 2.3 amps So I hooked it up to 3 x 2ft Samsung gen 3 f strips 4000k - 43.7v - 48.4v. Driver dimmed to min it gives around 33 wall watts and full blast around 128 wall watts on kilowatt meter. Seems to be working fine so...
  17. Moflow

    2 x 1212s and 9 vegging clones in a cardboard box

    Hey, what's in the box.....? Nothing... just bits n pieces Perfect lol For extra ventilation/extraction just cut a hole in the top and put in a small pc fan and wire it to the 12v driver on the fixture. Normally retails at 100 quid but I can do them for 199.99. Type "Cheap...
  18. Moflow

    Anyone using Atami Bloom Stimulator?

    I couldn't resist a bargain so I got 5l of Atami Bloom Stimulator for £10 or €11.30 or $13.23. US It normally retails at around £100 €113 $132 US. Theres NO WAY I would pay full price cause I'm cheap lol The Atami website doesn't elaborate as to what the ingredients are. Here's a pic on...
  19. Moflow

    Diy FOTOP grow board 280x900x2.0mm (L29.52"xW9.18")

    I got these to test. Grow Board 280x900x2.0mm (L29.52"xW9.18") , 3.0/W conductivity,2OZ, 16S50P, 129.6-372W, 43.2-49.6V, 800pcs Samsung 561C s6 leds. They cost an "O" for 2 boards....... £200. Awaiting HLG 320H 48A from TME, cost a "q" ....£80 In my area I can use these as a side wall of...
  20. Moflow

    Luga Horticulture cobs and strips

    I came across these cobs on LED-TECH DE. Bloom cob and veg cob. The veg cob looks a better option to flower with, to me. They also do strips. They have a low cri - 57 and are 1800K - 2600K ish Are they efficient...