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    Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my plant?

    Ph is at 6.1. Ppm is at 500 now Added first dose of cal mag two days ago. Basically my leaves are going a yellowy colour i cant work out why. Added neuts and cal mag... Please help
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    Good carbon filter for my set up?

    I have a 2x2x5ft tent 600w mars hydro led 5" fan 355m3/hr Basically where my exhaust out is onto a very busy street so i need to ensure no smells at all. Is this possible and what filters? Id spend upto £100
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    Grow tent vents

    Hi guys basically i have a 2ftx2ftx5ft tent with a 600w led grow light, 5" fan 355m3/hr, 4" carbon filter. Basically at the bottom on my tent i have 3 vent flaps at the bottom about half a ft off the floor and i get alot of light coming out when there open, do i need these open all the time? If...
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    Led grow light suggestions

    basically i have a 2ftx2ftx5ft tent I got a 600w hps at the moment I want to get a led for heat and stealth issues. Can anyone suggest one that will cover my tent for two plants? Was thinking this maybe...
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    Neuts for my RDWC

    Hey guys got a rdwc system on the way, was wondering what neuts i need? I have flora series, flora gro, flora micro, flora bloom, what else do i need? Someone said i need dutch master gold zone for the zoots, also do i need cal/mag If someone could tell me what i need and if its available in...
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    New DWC kit i brought or RDWC?

    Could someone give me a simple break down how to feed and balance ph using this system, along with how to change water and when, and calculating what neuts to add, would happily pay someone for a complete walkthrough helping me set up this system and maintaing it to grow my personal weed hi...
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    New grower little knowledge help please!

    I have brought this grow set up, i copied the full specs and descriptions. I have got the 600W version and a 4 pot DWC system. Problem is i only have one single socket in the place id like to put the set up listed below + the DWC system. I gather i cannot run this all off one single socket...