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  1. clint308

    Old but new auto grow hahaha

    Here is my first proper auto grow , It's at day 52 of grow , so almost ready !!!!! I have the following strains ! Berry Bomb Black Gold
  2. clint308

    Puberty in young girls ?

    What do you think about young girls getting puberty so young in this generation ? Does it come down to hormones in meat that we eat ? Or is it genetic ? Or maybe we just eat too much ? and girla are growing faster ? What's your opinion people ?
  3. clint308

    You know what i want ?

    I want a crazy chic that dosn't get drunk all tha time and yell like fuck at me and my daughter ! It is not right ? , why do they do it to them selves ? Fuck stop drinking and make a better life hey ? Sorry folks , got carried away !
  4. clint308

    Please answer this request ?

    There is a tag on my indoor grow that says i am mentally ill , and i am a racist , witch i am not , i have a best frient that is from Iran , i don't know who posted this tag but they better deleate it or else ? Or can a mod deleat it ? it is not true !
  5. clint308

    Clint308 apology thread !!!!!!

    I am so sorry for the people i have hurt and crittercised on this forum ! (yep don't know how ta spell ) Only when pissed that is ! For all of you who fall in that cat i'm sorry with all my heart . I love this site it has all kinds of goodies hidden deep beneath it's walls . I love my riu...
  6. clint308

    What to do ?

    I just placed an order with sea of seeds , it gave me no option for master card payment , then i try to transfer money via bank transfer and the bank name is not reconised , and there is no swift code provided for international orders . What do i do ? Has anyone purchased from this company b4 ...
  7. clint308

    Random fact thread people !

    Post any random fact that people might not know ! I will start . The cost of raising a medium sized dog to the age of 11 is $6400 . The lion in the original MGM logo killed his trainer . A quarter of your bones are in your feet A "jiffy" is an acyual time for 1/100th of a second A...
  8. clint308

    Where to post ?

    First off is it ok to post a warning about a web site that ripped me off ? I posted money(i know very bad idea) and got no product(1/2 ounce of bud) . I just want to post website name and emails that followed . If this is allowed where do i post ?
  9. clint308

    This chick runs a country ?????????????

    Is she off with the fairies or what , i love the way she speaks .
  10. clint308

    Interesting wildlife vids !

    Post all interesting wildlife vids here .
  11. clint308

    Back yard pics !!!

    Post all of your pics taken in ya back yard ! Having a party , b'day , xmas , What eva !!!!
  12. clint308

    What inventions are useless ?

    What takes the cake in the dumbest invention idea eva ? You know what i think is dumb ? the front bit at your boxer shorts , why put a slit and a button when you just pull them down ? Any other annoying inventions ?
  13. clint308

    Who licks , pokes or touches ?

    What's your fav ? I got to say poke ! What about you ?:evil:
  14. clint308

    CLINT308 new indoor grow !!!

    Hey people time for a new indoor grow ! For you guys that don't know my set up , it is - A home made cabinet that is 2ft x 2ft x 4 ft made from 20mm board with a flat white laminate coating . I run a 400w dual spectrum HPS 3 x 17w computer fans , 1 x outake at top and 2 x intake bottom and...
  15. clint308

    Spots on leaves , anyone know prblem ?

    Anyone seen this b4 ? Plants are outdoor in and old herb box i made , it had old soil allready in there witch is a mix of potting mix , perlite , coco and vermiculite . I havn't feed any nutes just water from tap or rain water . They did loose some leaves due to 1 week of 42c plus temps yhe...
  16. clint308

    Has my plant got dirty hairy balls ?

    What do you think peeps ? Has my baby gone male on me ?
  17. clint308

    We have been invaded by an escort service

    In tolk and talk there is like 20 threads on escort services with ph numbers . WTF ? Is that shit for real ?
  18. clint308


    Why can't i see anything or post anything on here ? sorry for the spelling !
  19. clint308

    What should i grow next ???????

    Ok i'm about to order some seeds online , What do you people recommend as the best strain to grow at the moment? I want to throw a few seeds outside and grow some in my grow cabnet indoors . I have grown White widow , Crystal and Ice b4 . Can anyone recommend a strain and why they chose that...
  20. clint308

    Got this info

    Just got emailed this info hope it helps somebody ! Budswell: Ryan's Ultimate Weapon in The Growing Prime Ganja WarHigh clint— we've all seen it. Your friend opens up their bedroom closet. Inside is a thriving marijuana plant, with hanging THC-rich frosty sparkling nugs glistening all over, the...