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  1. HighLowGrow

    Doing LST with plastic grow bags?

    I’ve been growing in these 3 gallon bags for years. I’ve try a strap around the bag with strings tied up to branches pulling them down. PITA. Tried tape. PITA. Bent over branches. This works but looks terrible. If you grow in bags and LST, show your technique. I like these cleaned up like...
  2. HighLowGrow

    Making fem seeds again. S1s & F1s. Come on in.

    So what I have here is a fem auto “CBD AUTO 20:1” from Fastbuds Seeds. I will be reversing this female with TMIST to create pollen which I will dust: 1. Itself for S1 fem seeds. 2. An auto fem “SOLOMATIC CBD” for F1 fem seeds. Will start this in 3 weeks. 3. An auto fem “GORILLA GLUE”...
  3. HighLowGrow

    Anyone growing in an RV?

    600hps In line fan pulling air to outside hooked up where the fridge was.
  4. HighLowGrow

    HighLowGrow is back and am looking for some autoflower CBD seeds

    Hey all, I've been out of the game for a bit. Looking for a few high CBD / low THC autoflower seeds. What's new out there in fem version. Give me a holler. Later Gators.
  5. HighLowGrow

    600hps to Mars hydro tsl 2000w

    I’ve been running autos under my 600 hps for years. I finally broke down and bought a mars hydro tsl 2000w that will be here in a couple days. I run Fox Farm nutes pretty heavy under the 600. No climate control out in the room. Highs out there have been 104 and lows in the upper 50s throughout...
  6. HighLowGrow

    FALL Autoflower PARTY CUP challenge 9-4-2020

    Do your best to drop your seed on 9/4. This thread should be over by 1-1-2021. If you go past this date you either started too late or you don't have an auto. This is a party cup challenge. To keep things simple and equal, rule 1 is it needs to be a 16oz plastic red party cup. If you can't...
  7. HighLowGrow

    Small small live resin run - Diamond attempt

    Didn’t know about this until I stumbled on it reading something last weekend. So I have a plant ready for harvest. About 4 days ago I put two good sized buds chopped up into a small column and threw that and a can of butane in the freezer. 24 hrs later I run it through my closed loop and...
  8. HighLowGrow

    LEDs and my Auto friends.

    After 10 years of growing autos under a 600 hps, I’m ready to go LED. My current light came from HTG (not even sure that’s their name anymore). It’s adjustable from 250-600hps. The bulbs I use are ipower from Amazon. They’re like $20 and work perfect. I’m looking for a 4x4 footprint. Room is...
  9. HighLowGrow

    Decided to try Beekeeping and the TBH this year.

    I’ve been wanting to do this for a loooong time. Ordered my bees before the hive was built. I pick up the bees mid March-April 1st. I still need a beginners beekeeping starter kit. Suit and tools. Started building this top bar hive a few days ago. It still needs a few more things and a top...
  10. HighLowGrow

    Closed Loop Extractor help- build- buy

    I need some expert advise. Would really really appreciate someone with some knowledge about closed loop systems to chime in. I’ve been open blasting for a few years. About 90% of the time I run 2 ozs and the other times I run 3 +. All personal. I’m putting together a closed loop system where...
  11. HighLowGrow

    Warning graphic - Ever see one?

    Got this in the mail today. It’s a cross between a steamroller, hand pipe, and holds a rip like a bong. It’s been around for years apparently. I just haven’t seen it before therefore I had to buy it. It’s called “The Fumo Pipe”. I bought it direct from fumoforum with the bling and the party...
  12. HighLowGrow

    Going XXL and making fem seeds. The ".xxl" project I'm only including the above link because I'm supersizing my BKRs in this batch. Anyone that was following the BKR project might also be interested in this project. Or If you have ever wanted to save a shit ton of money and make your...
  13. HighLowGrow

    Black dots on leaves. I finished the internet and nothing!!

    Anyone ever have this issue? I usually do my own research, and after hours of searching and finishing the internet, I found ONE picture that looks exactly like the issue I'm having. Here is the picture I found. Appears to be from 420magazine with no explanation. And here are mine...
  14. HighLowGrow

    <<Post those Auto harvests>>

    Whatcha got?? Harvested today. Gorilla x Purple Gorilla. 600 hps. 24/0. Dirt. @Squatch69 That’s a heavy stringer. One plant.
  15. HighLowGrow

    Stainless steel extraction tubes - THE TRUE NUMBERS

    A few years ago I got into open blasting bho and started out with a couple of glass tubes. Pack your material in there, put on the screen, and slip the hose clamp on. And of course one of the tubes butane hole wasn't made right so I always had to mess with that. So eventually I wanted to go a...
  16. HighLowGrow

    Perpetual Auto growing "BLEACHER" style

    I have always had some sort of perpetual grow in one form or the other. I grow in a 6x6x6 room with a 600hps 24/7 in dirt. Plants have always been in different stages and really disorganized. Some were finishing. Some didn't get enough light. And there are always some on an upside down...
  17. HighLowGrow

    Got my first pump and chamber

    Finally got my first pump and chamber a couple of weeks ago. First attempt two weeks ago. No idea wtf I'm doing. Second attempt. Last week. Still really no idea of wtf I'm doing. Third attempt yesterday/today. Getting there. Still don't really know wtf I'm doing but I impressed...
  18. HighLowGrow

    Wireless temp/hum & video to iphone

    Looking for a wireless system that I can watch over.... say when I'm camping. Something to go through my router. Just something simple. Temp/hum/ and something with a camera (maybe). Anybody........???????????????? Thanks fellers
  19. HighLowGrow

    Plopped a couple Autos outside this year - Stomper & Spyder

    Since ~2010 I've grown autos indoors with 24/7 light in FFOF soil. It's been so damn hot that I decided to hide a few outside this year. FFOF soil in 10 gallon bags. About 13 hrs of light.
  20. HighLowGrow

    Grow bags for outdoor maters and peppers

    I'm an indoor mj grower but do my veggies outside. Trying to do some planning now. Getting ready to germ up my various tomato and pepper seeds. For years I've had my veggie garden straight in the ground. This year I want to go above ground. Questions for you outdoor peeps. What is the...