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  1. TCurtiss

    9 Pound Hammer by TC

    Let 2014 start off on a good batch of seeds...TC
  2. TCurtiss

    TC's outdoor grow for 2013

    All, Spring is in the air This will be a growing record of my outdoor backyard grow for 2013 I have a few tests in mind for this year so please grab your favorite devices for enjoying for flowers or bubble / concentrate and a chair to relax in One of the main tests I have in mind is the...
  3. TCurtiss

    TGA enters the Hight Times cup

    TGA fans Surfs up in LA I had a chance to snap a couple pictures of the samples we are sending to HT for entry's for the cup Let's get behind Dioxide and TGA Jesus OG - pure funk x 10 The Golden Ticket aka Chernobyl See you in LA T
  4. TCurtiss

    TCurtiss @ Dankland aka Sub's house

    Ok gang so what would you do if one of the best growers you know says he is too busy to shoot these days and gives you access to his grow room to shoot his prized plants? Get out your bibs and mind you these were taken without my good lens and I will be returning later this week with the good...
  5. TCurtiss

    Ace of Space by Tcurtiss

    Hey guys I know I've been out of the game for a while but running around the state being a rep for TGA and taking care of other life's duties is tough to get in time to get a grow going but Summers over it starting to get colder in the mornings and evenings which is a perfect time to start...
  6. TCurtiss

    Sub's Outdoor Garden

    So this an exclusive just for you fine TGA followers Sub is a busy cat with work and all the other things that go on in life so when I dropped off some kids for him as a house warming gift we talked about me shooting the plants So here is a little pictorial of what I saw today, mind you I am...
  7. TCurtiss

    TGA vs Cali Connection grow by TCurtiss

    Ok TGA peeps I got this new assistant Al and he is kind of old and messed up an order which we received some Cali connection seeds, Al figured this would be a good test to run some fresh stuff and see how it stacks up against the TGA line So I am going to give you folks and unbiased grow on...
  8. TCurtiss

    TGA @ the LA cup

    Ok TGA peeps A little pictorial pf the LA cup for you Enjoy as always Philip RX Booth BAD ASS PIPE Coal medicating I am glazed like a doughnut & spent from the weekend T
  9. TCurtiss

    White Ninja & Qush

    Enter the White Ninja The White Ninja's quest is resin His arsenal of tools He starts with 5 seeds of Qush - a mix of Bubba Kush x Space Queen Apollo 13 seed found in a nug & 4 Space Madness seeds - a mix of The Flav x Cherry cut of Chernobyl Enjoy the hunt for Space resin with the...
  10. TCurtiss

    TGA Toys for Tots in San Jose, CA

    Bay are peeps please check this out & help out if you can Thanks T
  11. TCurtiss

    TGA Toys for Tots in San Jose, CA

    Cali TGA folks, More so in the bay area we are trying to help raise some money for the kids for Christmas We were all kids once & we donated some of our favorite seeds for a great cause Please go by Holistic Health Care Co-operative 88 Tully Rd. #107 San Jose, CA 95111...
  12. TCurtiss

    Alert! All san jose collectives will be shut down october 29!

    Folks Please help out the community & visit If you are a San Jose resident & of legal voting age visit your local club & help out anyway you can I visit these folks & can recommend them Cinnabar Health Collective 910 Cinnabar St San Jose, CA 95126 408 295-0420...
  13. TCurtiss

    Watch your grows peeps, it's time for rippers

    All I wanted to show you this :-? Found it this morning & it's time to set up some tents Watch your garden T
  14. TCurtiss

    Searching for the Cherry Space Queen by TC

    All, I have embarked on a quest for the resinous Space Queen in my flavorite flavor cherry triple resin :bigjoint: I am going to go with a 10 pack to find the best traits & I am going to add a couple other seeds next week when they arrive Labeled & ready to go I will put this in a drawer...
  15. TCurtiss

    Quest for Space Bomb

    Ok campers, So those of you who have been following my grows I thank you & Sub for all your help I wanted to shed some light one my search for TGA It began with a plant called Tiny Bomb that Sub had created some years ago & when I saw that I had to know more about this grower named Subcool...
  16. TCurtiss

    Happy 420 Sub

    Sub You know you are my man & I wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work Without you we could not enjoy these beautiful flowers bongsmilie Here are some of my favorites from your Seedbag Keep on rocking & doing your thing, some of us out here are glad you do what you do...
  17. TCurtiss

    Chernobyl from TGA

    Chernobyl Smoke report by Tcurtiss Breeder: TGA Genetics Strain: Chernobyl Lineage if known: Hybrid- Train Wreck X Trinity X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen Grower: Tcurtiss Judge: Tcurtiss EYE APPEAL <9> Density <9> Aroma This sample has been curing for 2 weeks, grown in roots soil the...
  18. TCurtiss

    Making a Test Run with TGA's Dairy Queen

    Welcome everyone, This is going to be about testing of 5 Dairy Queen seeds :weed: Let's take a look at the breakdown Dairy Queen Dairy Queen Tested as Dank #1 Cheese X C-99 Heavy stank, so strong trimming it can affect your sinuses and even your head. Its texture is off...
  19. TCurtiss

    Got Resin?

    I am going to start a thread just for showing your resin Not your bud shots, resin I will start the madness Enjoy as always T :blsmoke:
  20. TCurtiss

    Space Madness & Princess Leia

    All, I am starting a new thread & grow with and a new strain I created called Space Madness. My idea is to keep the resin from the Chernobyl while adding some weight & flavor from the Flav This is a cross of Sub’s Chernobyl strain And The Flav Also tagging along is Princess Leia aka a...