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  1. Mr positive

    large yield vs frosty buds ?

    for me it always one or the oter is there a lrge yielding strain thats frosty as heck and not fAKE FROST
  2. Mr positive

    Interesting plant

    I just thought this was a interesting plant. Any thoughts? I just wanted to share
  3. Mr positive

    Community introduction

    Hello everyone please introduce yourself. I'm new to this community and I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm I'm grower and chucker who loves animals . Here are some pics of things I love
  4. Mr positive

    par with out tent?

    does anyone know where to find par with out tent? i run a open 4x8 and i m looking int new lights?
  5. Mr positive

    ? on a light

    asuming this was 260 would it be worth it DOMMIA LED Grow Light, DM6000 Pro Latest 650W Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with 10 Independent Driver Plant Light Bars, 4x4ft 5x5ft Coverage Commercial Growing Lamp, 2.7 umol/J : Patio, Lawn & Garden
  6. Mr positive

    looking help on a light decision

    looking to light a 4x8 i ether get 2 480 w quantums for 360 dollars or i get one 720w light bar for 398 and use 315 on the other half is there any reason i should spend the extra ang get th 720. like is it really gona yield me more or is the two 480w gona be just fine
  7. Mr positive

    Light over lap question ⁉️

    So I have 3315wcmh how can I use ight overlap to maximize my coverage
  8. Mr positive

    Any streamers,you tubers or gamers?

    Any apex legends , league of legend, streamers, and or youtubers?. If so please intro urself
  9. Mr positive

    Waste of plants?

    Does anyone think flowering these 315w would be a complete waste of there potential?
  10. Mr positive

    Any gamers ,streamers or youtubers?

    Title says it all any gamers streamers or youtubers on here?
  11. Mr positive

    some of my work!!!i want to meet evry1

    hey weveryone please introduce yourself ! i wouldlove to meet everyone! you all wana see more
  12. Mr positive

    Good for a laugh and for seriouse Though

    Hey everyone I'm just getting to know the community. So I thought this mite bring a smile. Also possibly some wisdom I'm wondering what the most productive way to handle these are. 1.. buy a new light and wait for it before flowering these.. try them with the 315 in the 2x4 space...
  13. Mr positive

    1st journal ghost town x gmo punch

    Hey guys I'm new to this community thing. Please excuse my grammar. I would like to get to know u all! So I just started a chuck I did gmo punch x ghost town bot GPS genes. The ghost town was super limey and the gmo punch was a purple punch leaner how ever it had a funk gmo style in smell so...
  14. Mr positive

    ? 480w 2.6 umol/j

    So does anyone have some example grow pictures they can share that was done with 480w qb in a 4x4