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    Wonder What Mama Is Like?

    Son grabbed my extra Clones and put them under 12/12 Light. Don't know why. But they went directly to Bloom no Vegging. He give me some Bud, stick to everything and long lasting buzz. Excuse me mind not working White Nightmare.
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    Topping vs. Super Cropping?

    I was going to Top some plants and then Super Cropping. My Son is all for Clones so he wants Topping. Will I get more Bud doing either?
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    Reuse Soil?

    Hey I'm just asking. OK I'm using Happy Frog and no problem getting it. We're all for saving a dollar. Can a person reuse their soil after a grow? What would a person want to add? I was thinking if I did this just mix with Fresh Soil.
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    My Son has exactly everything I have because I supplied it other than water. Things different he waters his a little every day. He plants in plastic no drainage like mine. His water is Well Water. My water is County Water , not sure what all is in it but every once in awhile smell Clorien...
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    Sexuality Yea Right

    Seems my Cancer is doing its thing. They are talking about giving me a shot to bring my Testosterone down. Taking my Man Card.
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    Traffic Stop

    Sir I can't walk that line when I'm sober.
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    Don't Know What Is Going On

    Well got Prostate Cancer. Had it removed and Radiation. PSA is coming back up. They are talking about shots to bring my Testosterone down and maybe Chemo. So probably will go through the change.
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    I know dangerous with me. Just got back from the Grow Shop. Thinking changing over to Hydroponics. Plus thinking of using it for my regular Garden. My wife said start out slow but she isn't fun.
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    I Should Have Known

    A guy in a way on another Forum let it be known that he knows I'm growing. No biggie I'm legal. But how did he find out? Seems if I post a picture they can get into all my pictures. On other News told my wife I have a Roach in my Jar. Don't know who put it there. Told my wife one almost cost...
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    Super Autos?

    Tell me about them.
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    Its Just Different

    Got one Clone just doing different. I can't really tell if it's going to Herm or not since I haven't flipped yet.
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    Thinking of going back to just Autos. Just need to get the max I can per grow. Think I'll get another Tent have only couple weeks between grows. I don't know got couple Photo grows in the works first.
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    Wonder How Many Rules I Can Break

    Got some Jack Herer Autos in Happy Frog, 3 gallon Fiber Pots. Got two that looked good. Take a little off the top. Take a few Fan Leaves off. Today HMM! What can I do today? Take some more Leaves off.
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    Do you gain anything Topping more than twice?
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    A/C for Grow Tent

    My Tent is getting too hot during the Summer even though I keep the room cool. Can anyone recommend a good little A/C unit for my Tent.
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    Too Late Now

    Fimed couple of Autos . They actually look pretty cool. Looks like 4 shoots coming up. This should be good. We shall see!
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    Them Cookies Have No Buzz

    Usually a Cookie does me for a four hour buzz. Was told the last batch is 3X stronger. Ate one, nothing, ate two, nothing. These Cookies have no buzz. Eat another Cookie. I'm hoping to be able to walk in the morning I forgot.
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    Security Cameras Working

    Couldn't get Cameras working on our New Security System. Had our Electronics Man come in now have 10 Cameras doing good. Got tired of stuff walking off so put in a Security System and decided to upgrade. Now can watch all our buildings and inside the house.
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    Where Do I Start

    Went to let the Chickens out thought I would check my Mushrooms. Had already decided not to do any work today because I was just hurting too bad. Lord decided I needed to do something.
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    All Nighter

    Before I went to bed I smoked some Jack Herer. Usually I get up couple times during the night to go to the Bathroom. I didn't get up last night woke up it was time to get up.