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  1. Billytheluther

    Outdoor winter grow

    I want to throw a couple of seeds outdoors though out winter. Ill post a couple of different strains id be willing to loose. any idea what would handle the cold best? I want to build a 4x2x4 frame and line that with mosquito netting for the moths.
  2. Billytheluther

    Led bulb par test

    So i ran a small trial with this led bulb I used a hacksaw to remove the bulb The par reeding was at 190-200 with the bulb attached at 3 inches away At 3 invhes with the bulb off i was getting a reading of around 1250-1400 Only reason im doing this is because there is a power savings program in...
  3. Billytheluther

    Trying to start an outdoor grow

    I have a couple of beans but i need some sativas that will do good in my region.. I have some tga JTR, jackedup, that are sativa dominant but i dont think theyll take the high heat and humidity of my region.. it gets to the hunderedsand teens here with humidity beeing quite high.. so im looking...
  4. Billytheluther

    Plants not showing sex in veg

    So i have 2 that ain't showing sex when all have they are kinda old…should i treat it as a hermie??
  5. Billytheluther

    Snapped a branch

    So I lstd a bit more to bring down my canopy and i ended up snapping a branch.. Ii couldnt see well so when i found out it was around 10 min later.. i taped her up since it was one of the bigger branches and didnt want to loose it. Its still in veg but wanted to flip within 5 days… Would this...
  6. Billytheluther

    Mars hydro fc4800 vs fc-e 4800

    Which is better for a 4x4 tent? it seems the fc4800 has better distribution and a higher hanging distance.. does this mean more overhead room? The fc-e is more powerful based on maps but does this mean better penetration? any suggestions?? Im about to pull the trigger on one of them, kindof...
  7. Billytheluther

    Gaia green and ro water, need advise

    So i want to try organics for the first time. I have happy frog soil gaia green 4-4-4 And gaia green 2-8-4 I use ro water since my tap is hard (600+) and contains cloramine. I dont want to run into a cal mag deficiency Is there anything i can add to the ro water to give it calmag and keep it...
  8. Billytheluther

    The one that got away

    Title says it yall
  9. Billytheluther

    Phelizon ph-1000 on walmart for 39.99

    So i had a homie tell me that… Are they any good.. Firm beliver of you get what you pay for…
  10. Billytheluther

    Are these moth eggs??

    Ive killed 2 caterpillars that were on my plant so far. I noticed some spots under a fan leaf and started removing them but figured id snap some shots to see if they could be identified. Ive only seen caterpillars on the plant, the only real pest around here are moths.
  11. Billytheluther

    A chat room is needed

    Title says it all… just a thread were insomniacs can come and have a conversation with one another.. something that will stay active..
  12. Billytheluther

    4x4 double hps 600 &1000 cool hoods

    So i was thinking of runing a 1kin a 4x4 which im sure is overkill but i wanted to add my 600 aswell… 1k will be dialed down while using a hps 600 will also be dialed down while runing mh… any thoughts to this?? DIAlED DOWN!! Before anyone starts bashing… i tried a 600 and it wasn’t enoughf but...
  13. Billytheluther

    I want to start a new business... with fish tanks..

    So i was looking uo on making my own fish tank aquariums.. maybee even a company... id like to fabricate some aquariums and sell cheaper than name brand pet stores... any thoughts???
  14. Billytheluther

    Whats up with all those members that have been here years yet only have 1 post...

    Title says it all... Any thoughts...
  15. Billytheluther

    First bubble hash attempt.. here goes nothing

    so this is my first attempt at it using dried and cured popcorn of c99.. The buds aren’t very resinous so well see.. They do smell amazing, not very pungent but like a grape fruit sliced in half I did a bit of reading but couldn’t come out with an answer as to wether leave the buds as they are...
  16. Billytheluther

    I had to chop early

    So i had to cut down an la confidential and a white og early. heres what the results are Thats the la confidential it was a runt from the start but i kept it anyways to fill out my space. It was 2.5 feet shorter than everything else so not much light got to it
  17. Billytheluther

    Unemployment f****d me over

    So i was on unemployment since before the pandemic, i still had wages with the state i filed with so i exausted them in april last year.. i had wages in a number of other states at the time so the same state gave me a 3 month extension and withdrew the earnings from those other states. After i...
  18. Billytheluther

    If i put this outdoors will it re-veg?

    So i finished cutting her down today, she has some nice colors and was a good yielder, i was wondering if i place this outside will it vegg out a gain pr did i not leave enough growth.
  19. Billytheluther

    Is this the begging of budrott... should i chop???

    I believe this is some og18 from Reserva Privada. Its 61 days into flower and the lower branches look like they could go another week. But the tops are starting to worry me a bit here are some pics of the tops along with some shots of the trichomes i took. Sorry if they’re not clear, i got one...