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  1. kip420

    First time grower near harvest

    Hey guys, first time grower. Do you think this is near ready? 8 weeks into flower today..
  2. kip420

    Light height from plant

    Hey guys first time grower. I'm 5 weeks into flower and I think my plant has stopped stretching in the last week or 2 my lights are about 10inches from the majority of the plant and abit closer to a few other heads. Should I just leave them or move them away slightly? Using 2 unit farm uf2000...
  3. kip420

    What nutrients are you guys using

    Hey guys just wondering what you are using to grow with. I've started out with the emerald harvest that I got off a friend who stopped growing so haven't really looked into them to much yet as this is my first grow. And just using what's left of this stuff atm Cheers