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  1. Super Subliminal

    WTF is "ammi"?

    For the last few months all the little street punks have been going crazy over some strain called "ammi". At first I thought it was just one kid making stupid names up, but now they're all raving about it. I haven't tried it as they charge £20 for a poxy gram but I want to know what it is, or at...
  2. Super Subliminal

    Time to chop?

    Hey This is my bagseed sativa (i think) plant at 66 days. Parts of it look almost ready whilst others , lower down, don't at all. I must say I'm seeing a lot more amber trichs in the photos than in reality - dunno if that's a trick of the camera? The buds look really small, prob because the...
  3. Super Subliminal

    adjusting light cycle to 11/13

    hi i was thinking of changing the light cycle on my big plant to 11/13 tomorrow. It's 6 and a half weeks in flower. When would be best to cut the hour - in the morning or the evening? or does it not matter? thanks
  4. Super Subliminal

    Super Subliminal's - Plan(t) B from Attitude Seedbank

    Got it as a freebie. Northern Lights X Big Bud Autoflowering. Wish me luck
  5. Super Subliminal

    My plant is now turning hermaphrodite?

    looks like a banana, or do my eyes deceive me? fucked?
  6. Super Subliminal

    Hey, RIU. Having another leaf problem. Pls have a look and help if you can

    Hey. Hope everyone is having a good day. Lovely here in London today. I got home from work yesterday to find a whole bunch of the big shade leaves on my plant yellowing. At first I thought this might be normal (the plant just using up the nitrogen?) as she's in week 4 of flowering. She is...
  7. Super Subliminal

    Do I have bugs?

    I was looking for trichomes with a loupe and I swear I actually saw a bug on a pistil. Moving around. Looking like a flea but smaller. Not really visible to the naked eye. Then I noticed this on the leaves. The second picture I thought the leaf was just like that because it spends all it's time...
  8. Super Subliminal

    Super Subliminal's First Grow - Bagseed: Indica or Staiva?

    Please have a look at my journal and tell me what you think of my plant. Vote is Indica - 1, Stativa 1, at the moment. I have no idea. I've looked at pictures of leaves for hours. I'm starting to think in my experience I've only ever grown sativa plants (always bagseed) and have never actually...
  9. Super Subliminal

    UK growers - What do you use to cure and store your dried bud?

    I was thinking of just getting a few more Kilner jars but they're actually pretty expensive. And then there's always tupperware. Might seem a stupid question but I'm very scatterbrained and often overlook things, so thought I'd ask politely. Thanks :)
  10. Super Subliminal

    Plant too big. Supercrop tops?

    dunno how to delete post. sorry
  11. Super Subliminal

    Pistils dying after only a few weeks in 12/12

    Hey RIU. Sorry to be posting about this again. I never experienced this in the times I used to grow years ago. Loads of the pistils on my only plant are dying/turning brown already. It's only been 3 weeks in 12/12 and 2 weeks in actual flower. It seems to be spreading. Pistils on newly formed...
  12. Super Subliminal

    Best website ever!

    This is my new favourite website in the world ever! It's the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life! Probably the greatest website ever made in the entire history of the internet! I wish I'd had the idea to make it! Guys, have a look:
  13. Super Subliminal

    Heat Stress or Nute Burn or deficiency? Help!

    Hey guys, please try and help me. I started to get scared for my plant today. I know the lighting in my pics isn't the best. One of the two tops of the plant has started to look bad. Some of the leaves on the top bud are pointing down, and 2 or 3 of them are burning. I cut the tips of these off...
  14. Super Subliminal

    Preflowers dying?

    Some of the preflowers (on the stork, under the branches) on my plant have started dying, the pistils have shrivelled up and gone brown. I'm at day 19 of 12/12. The rest of the pistil growth on the buds looks good. Is this normal?
  15. Super Subliminal

    Re-pot during flower

    Hello again! I know this question's been asked before but I would like to get the opinion of someone who's actually seen my plant. I am wondering if it would be wise to re-pot my plant during flowering? It's day 17 of 12/12 now and she's stretching like crazy. I'm thinking this'll stop soon but...
  16. Super Subliminal

    Thai Gold String?

    I just went down to the local Thai weed shop to pick up a bit of Red String to tie me over for a bit and they got all excited in telling me they had some even better stuff in. Soon as they got it out the first thing I noticed is it had Gold String. I've only ever heard of this stuff, never seen...
  17. Super Subliminal

    Accessing other parts of the forum?

    How do I access other parts of the forum, like the classified section for example? It says I don't have permission. Thank you
  18. Super Subliminal

    £20 for a fucking gram! WTF!

    I just picked up from a semi regular source, him being the only one that would deliver due to me being ill. Normally he gives at least 1.4 which is a rip off itself but one fucking gram!!! Not even a fucking gram cos we all know the bag weighs 0.1!!! I am in despair. I have smoked everyday for...
  19. Super Subliminal

    Is my pot too small?

    I don't know how many gallons it is, it was just want I had in the house. The bottom is cut off the top pot and the soil goes all the way down.
  20. Super Subliminal

    Mystery Plant - Grow Journal (1st Indoor Grow)

    SUPER SUBLIMINAL'S FIRST INDOOR GROW Hey! I have been enjoying this forum so much and have been so excited about my new found hobby I thought I'd start a public grow journal. A little about myself. I used to grow very successfully outdoors as a teenager with a family member but that was...