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    Cloning and picking mothers in early veg

    You can bonsai them in veg if you really want...

    Recycled Organic Living Soil (ROLS) and No Till Thread

    Just grow a bunch from a pack of ten or twenty and you will likely have one or two mutants...especially if you get seeds that are NOT FEMMED and from a breeder that has a longer history amd greater diversity of gear, and thus more recessive profiles built into their strains...

    The French Cannoli` Hash Thread

    Here are some pictures of my super sticky last run after I got it more dried....Think it came out OK in the end :bigjoint: In the future will be more aggressive with my water removal when still in the net bags and gentler with the drying. Now to cure...pressed a small ball with my iron...

    My tap water reads 0 ppm....

    His pen could just not be sensitive enough to give a reading under a hundred or something...or, the sensor could have so much mineral buildup from the generally hard water in CO that it effectively isn't reading anything.

    The French Cannoli` Hash Thread

    Regarding knowing your resin......How do you deal with very sticky resins when you seive your trichomes using bubble bags/water extractions? Every grade I got from my most recent harvest, just the trim (TGA JILLY BEAN), from the 160 to 25 was SO STICKY that I had to leave in on the pressing...

    does cold water hurt plants?

    Its all about how the land was settled, in the east, water rights are retained with the property following and English or French system (the French had long lots that all had access to a river or waterfront, sometimes called ribbon lots). The west was settled by the Spanish, and first rights...

    Grow stores

    My personal favorite that is close to me is Northern Lights in Royal Oak. They have cookies and coffee and very friendly knowledgeable staff, and fairly good prices on most things. When I order things online, for selection the following places can't be...

    does cold water hurt plants?

    Rainwater is fine if it is not too hard or acidic.... i.e. not too many dissolved solids (under 150 ppm is good enough) and the PH will almost always need to be adjusted. When the water is delivered to the plants either by a pump, pressure, or gravity, it NEEDS to be re-oxygenated. This is...

    CBD strain recommendations needed

    My favorite CBD stain so far, from a pain management while still being awake and functional with an over all feeling of well-being, and also effective at reducing tremors like a kush, is CBD Critical Cure from Barney's: (I...

    Passing my drug test

    Are you still taking the masking cleanse or just the apple cider vinegar....i'm curious how this has played, UPDATE please!

    Question for perpetual scroggers

    Consider keeping your light on a week in veg mode, even once you transplant from your veg space to your flower space...the extra fill out in your scrog screen will almost always be more than worth the extra time.

    TGA By Others

    Here are my good looking JB ladies for comparison...about six weeks now for these pics....also sorry for weird banding. I will turn off my LED for next batch of pics!

    TGA By Others

    Hey Sub! Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I'm a forum newbie... First off, think you're awesome and love everything you and MzJill do!!! You are a great boss, and I totally get Herb Man, he reminds me so much of my friend Andy I first grew with. :-) I have epilepsy and just...