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    Breeders, Moneygrabs, and Hermies

    I look at modern mj strains like thoroughbred race horses. For many generations they've both been breed for just 1 or 2 qualities...speed/endurance for horses and potency/yeild for Mj. Many of the traits that naturally pass along in nature, don't. Natural selection had been...
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    help me find micro dwarf tomato varieties

    Great place to get heirloom seeds here....
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    help me find micro dwarf tomato varieties

    Cherokee purples are my favorite also! I also try to plant at least one Arkansas traveler, they set well thru the mid-south heat.
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    Will take all constructive criticism!?

    Needs more canopy control. Crummy bud structure also, looks like it's gonna be a bitch to trim.
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    Useful Seeds

    One of my blackened oranges. Tasted like musky fruit and sulfur, all the buds had a Hershey kisses look to them. A++ quality
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    Useful Seeds

    Gonna be fire!!
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    when is it safe to bug spray the tent?

    Definitely empty it out first. Spray, leave for 3-5 days so the pesticide has time to work, clean the tent with a detergent solution, done. I would try and make sure you're using a water-based pesticide so it doesn't damage the material that the tent is made of.
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    2x 1000w HPS grow or not?

    1 plant, 1 net, 1k watt hps....
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    Wow, these spammers are really working hard

    Angry about that balloon, looks like
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    Well, the first rec day was a bummer..

    I've never seen hard proof that a bumpstock was used in any killing spree. But gov does what it wants. You can put yourself on a watch list if you care to, I'll stay off the radar.
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    Well, the first rec day was a bummer..

    Laws change Ask the people that bought bumpstocks legally, and were turned into felons with the stroke of a pen.
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    Well, the first rec day was a bummer..

    I can I sure don't trust the government, and if they didn't value the info they wouldn't be collecting it. Not going on a list for buying tomatoes, corn or weed. It all grows fine in my yard. They can fuck someone else for the revenue.
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    Well, the first rec day was a bummer..

    I figured I'd try out the dispensary near me on the first day it's legal in Mo... I ddn't make it past the screening room, they wanted to scan my ID, and that's not cool for me. I don't want it documented with the state that I "shop" for marijuana. I don't have to scan my ID for alcohol in Mo...
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    Need Suggestions please!

    Double black (supposedly old school black domina)by G13 seeds , tutankhamun (supposedly old school ak-47) by pyramid seeds
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    Useful Seeds

    Please post pics of your blackened oranges? Of all the useful strains I've grown, it was by far my favorite! I ran across an oz the other day from a grow 2yrs ago, still tasted luscious.
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    Useful Seeds

    I only missed a couple drops but damn they were good ones.
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    Useful Seeds

    Fems or regs? This is another one I missed out on, dammit!
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    The fishing thread ( not about fish fertilizer)

    Pretty healthy looking rainbow, wouldn't take many to make a hardy dinner. Stockers or natural population?
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    Best mechanical trimmer

    I'm happy with the i-power bowl trimmer I have. Hand trim the tops and run the rest thru the machine. It does beat the nugs up a bit but not bad. For the time it saves, its worth its weight in gold.
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    1000 watt MH/HPS advice?

    Invest in good timers! I went thru several plug in timers, before upgrading to hardwired intermatic mechanicals.