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  1. Hugo Phurst

    Looking Into LED - No Clue Where To Start

    I'm not pro, but anyway.... 6x9=54 @ 35w/sq ft that's 1,890w led. Round up to 2k. Look for something with Samsung chips, LM301h are best I believe, and Meanwell or Inventronics drivers. Good luck
  2. Hugo Phurst

    Making tincture with Bacardi 151

    I've made tincture/Green Dragon for a few years now. So here's my 2 cents. You can avoid the "burn" by diluting it, my cousin puts it in her coffee, covers the burn & taste. What I've done for the past couple of years is to make bubble/dry ice hash & then put the hash in the 151 Rum, in the...
  3. Hugo Phurst

    Coffee Filter Evaporation

    not too thick, but needs very good ventilation to prevent fire and all that
  4. Hugo Phurst

    Stray Plants

    But just think of those big fat tomato sandwiches and all the fun of canning chow :P
  5. Hugo Phurst

    Trichomes & Harvesting

    Yes, a week or so ago. It's in jars. Thanks for asking:weed:
  6. Hugo Phurst

    Bud rot

    Probably >:( I lost 2 outdoor crops to bud rot this year, made bubble hash from the salvage Better luck next time
  7. Hugo Phurst

    8 weeks into flower, she's almost ready!

    From what I can see, she's nowhere near ready. 3 weeks or more. Pic 2 - all I see is white, no red hairs. A clearer closer pic would help. When almost all the hairs have turned red and shriveled, then you're close. post then. Have fun
  8. Hugo Phurst

    Examples of GOP Leadership

    It wouldn't be the first "Youth Movement" :bigjoint: (I'm old enough to remember Flower Power) Sure is time for one though.
  9. Hugo Phurst

    Any thoughts on whats up here?

    Do you let the ff dry out completely? If yes - don't. check the ph of the water before watering. soilless grow mediums require a lower ph than dirt.
  10. Hugo Phurst

    Clones in bubble cloner taking forever to root

    Ok now - Good. I use indirect/ambient light for cloning, so they're throwing out roots instead of trying to photosynthesize.
  11. Hugo Phurst

    Clones in bubble cloner taking forever to root

    Any direct light on them?
  12. Hugo Phurst

    Patience is everything!

    Like my signature block says - patience isn't just a's a prerequisite. :P
  13. Hugo Phurst

    Patience is everything!

    By the looks, two weeks at least. Too many white hairs & reds not shriveled enough. And yes, keep feeding.
  14. Hugo Phurst

    Patience is everything!

    They look great, but from what I can see they won't be ready Monday. Monday the 9th maybe.
  15. Hugo Phurst

    Outdoor Pineapple Muffin Auto 20223

    About 30 bags of ice and a few hundred L of water later :D Now, to dry it.
  16. Hugo Phurst

    Not all plants budding properly

    Not all plant mature evenly/same rate
  17. Hugo Phurst

    Purple Punch Outdoor Grow Getting Close?

    ask again in 3 weeks looks good, no rush
  18. Hugo Phurst

    First Closet Grow 600w MH White Widow

    I think that adding a tent is a great idea, elsewise it's going to get real crowded.
  19. Hugo Phurst

    First Closet Grow 600w MH White Widow

    Good that you have the auto's in their final pots, above ground growth will be slow to non-existent while they throw out roots. Check out how to lollop. That's a lot of plants for a first go Good luck