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  1. Tropicalgreen

    Connecticut Homegrowers

    The first grow attempt last year didn’t work out, but now I’m back in business. Have a few autoflowers going, 1 sweet tooth, 1 Pineapple Express, and 2 Grand daddy purples. They’re only about 3 weeks old, but I’m enjoying watching them grow each day. As a new grower they aren’t perfect but seem...
  2. Tropicalgreen

    Granddaddy Purple - best seed source?
  3. Tropicalgreen

    flower vs vape

    My favorite vape is the Pax 3, it’s all I use. Perfect portable vape to use anywhere.
  4. Tropicalgreen

    My 2023 Sunshine Grow

    I’ve seen one of your previous grows with beautiful plants, but even though it may not be going as well this time it’s still nice. I think it’s awesome to grow plants inside with sunlight. Hopefully you’ll still get some nice buds!
  5. Tropicalgreen

    Why not decarb IN the oil?

    I made weed coconut oil recently. Just under 2 cups in the jar, put it in a Pyrex glass with 1 oz ground weed. Boiled water around the Pyrex on low for 2 hours. No decarbing and the oil came out super potent. Used 1/2 cup for a brownie recipe and they are super strong.
  6. Tropicalgreen

    Selling New volcano hybrid vaporizer

    I haven’t listed it anywhere but here. I can easily sell it elsewhere but wanted to see if anyone wants a deal here before I do that. It’s 100% authentic and I included the purchase paper in one of the photos.
  7. Tropicalgreen

    Selling New volcano hybrid vaporizer

    Hey All sorry for the late response, here are the pictures as promised. As you can see most of the equipment is unopened and unused. It is in perfect condition. Open to offers, if nobody is interested I’ll just put in on Ebay.
  8. Tropicalgreen

    Selling New volcano hybrid vaporizer

    The prices are in American dollars. I will post actual pictures and receipt from the original site soon. I simply wanted to put up the ad quickly yesterday. I can sell it on another site like eBay, but wanted to see if a fellow rollitup member would like it first.
  9. Tropicalgreen

    Selling New volcano hybrid vaporizer

    Selling new volcano hybrid vaporizer. It is basically brand new only used one time, bought a few months ago. I quit vaping weed for a job so I have no use for it. Paid 700$ plus tax but I will sell it for less to someone looking for a deal. I am not in a rush to sell it so not interested in low...
  10. Tropicalgreen

    What game are you playing

    lol no harm in playing some games here and there I’ve played old school RuneScape since 2006 on and off. Now a days I log in sometimes but don’t play often.
  11. Tropicalgreen

    What game are you playing

    Just got a ps5 recently been playing Cod warzone, Cod modern warfare remastered, hell let loose, and rocket league. Can’t wait to try new games.
  12. Tropicalgreen

    Connecticut Homegrowers

    Right now I’m germinating some seeds for a grow! Got my tent setup and the seeds I’m running are Dutch passion white widow auto, blackberry Kush auto, Brooklyn sunrise auto, and expert seeds glueberry auto. Looking forward to this grow!
  13. Tropicalgreen

    24/0 versus 18/6

    I'm debating if i should do 20/4 or 24/0 for my upcoming autoflower grow. It seems to me that either cycle is going to work well.
  14. Tropicalgreen

    whats your favorite game while stoned?

    Old school RuneScape or cod :blsmoke::leaf:
  15. Tropicalgreen

    The healing power of Cannabis..

    Great to hear it is working well! Cannabis is without a doubt medicinal In many ways. Working on the endocannabinoid system it can help or heal many conditions.
  16. Tropicalgreen

    Sativas blow

    Some of the best strains I’ve had were sativa like sour diesel. I love Indica, Sativa and hybrids all the same, They all have great strains and top quality buds you just need to grow or find quality product. I love vaping because the effects of each strain are very distinct and pure.
  17. Tropicalgreen

    How much for a pound near you?

    500-1500 depending on quality.
  18. Tropicalgreen

    Police Cooperation

    Exactly! That’s great you had no issue. Every time I come in contact with law enforcement I am always respectful, honest, and cooperative, and am almost always treated well with respect back. You don’t want to incriminate yourself but a pleasant honest demeanor seems to help the contact go much...
  19. Tropicalgreen

    Combining two strains in one session?

    Yeah I love to combine strains too in the vaporizer you can feel the different effects and synergy of the different cannabinoid and terpene profiles!
  20. Tropicalgreen


    Hey I have a question for truckers I don’t know if it’s been asked or answered before but how do you maintain a CDL license while you have Weed in your system? Don’t they do random drug testing? Do you have to quit weed or is there a way around it? Thanks