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  1. MtRainDog

    Tony greens tortured beans

    I haven't grown tony greens yet. Picked up a few of his packs in the karma collab. I've only grown heisens gg4 s1. It was fire. Lanky af but good smoke great bag appeal
  2. MtRainDog


    Oh my look at that stacking! Nice strong branches. She is a nice one. I've heard good things about this cross.
  3. MtRainDog

    Name one old school

    Had that on cd as a teenager lol If you like that listen to Adam Sandler or The Jerky Boys comedy albums
  4. MtRainDog

    Tony greens tortured beans

    I have an unopened pack of the gg4 ril fems if you’re interested.
  5. MtRainDog

    Are thesw trichomes cloudy?

    Getting there. They are ripe when they are nearly opaque.
  6. MtRainDog

    What water do you use to germinate ?????

    I use distilled for germinating if for no other reason that variable is locked-in. My tap sucks at normally ph 8. Plus a jug of distilled lasts me 6 months to a year for $2.
  7. MtRainDog

    Keeping up on breeders

    I typically follow the genetics i like. Then i figure out who’s working with it. Then i sort the clowns from the real ones. Then i go look at how things turn out for the average grower. That’s either in the forums or IG. If you’re really interested in a breeder, join their forum or discord...
  8. MtRainDog

    AG seed co aka Authentic Genetics by Todd McCormick

    I think the real magic happened when Neville got a hold of these wherever they came from originally.
  9. MtRainDog

    The DISCORD thread!
  10. MtRainDog


    I'm taking some cuts today. I can post a few pics along the way. I do mine in plugs, solo cups, and a sandwich bag for a dome. Easy peezy. 100% success rate. If I was in hydro, I'd probably go for an aerocloner or something like that.
  11. MtRainDog

    Livinthadream grow #1 3x3 sf2000

    they look a little hungry. i dont think bat guano is an immediate feed kinda thing. could also be overwatering. my $.02, get a bottle of veg feed and make sure the soil is well draining. you can add perlite to the soil to ensure proper drainage.
  12. MtRainDog

    Get Seeds Right Here??

  13. MtRainDog

    Bag seed score! Big buds

    She is a beauty!
  14. MtRainDog

    Cannaventure seeds thread
  15. MtRainDog

    Megacrop 1-part in a reservoir

    It’s just a simple screen filter to catch the big stuff
  16. MtRainDog

    Megacrop 1-part in a reservoir

    I run 1-part MC through my drip/rings. But I run an inline filter before the pump to catch any particulates. It's hard to beat the price of MC.
  17. MtRainDog

    East Coast organic growers culture?

    Seems like everyone in VA grows since we can and there isnt really shit for dispos here anyway. Anyone not growing is likely being overloaded by friends that do. Or their dealer if they don’t have any friends lol.
  18. MtRainDog

    1st time grower asking for advice

    The Orion looks at least 2-3 weeks away from harvest. The NL at least another month.
  19. MtRainDog

    CSI humboldt thread

    I tend to remove the helmets carefully with tweezers, but I usually give them a day or two first to try to wriggle out on their own. Mist spray them with water to soften the shell up. But if that doesn't work, they get tweezed off. Seems to be mostly strain-dependent ime.
  20. MtRainDog

    CSI humboldt thread

    LHB/TK - 7/7 above ground this morning