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    Eating a small amount of earthworm castings!!! BENEFICAL PROBIOTICS? PARASITIC JUNGLE?

    I just opened a new 25lb bag of wiggle worm. It came with a bunch of red wigglers! I know people knock this brand, but I'll be damned if this isn't some top quality shit. I only eat ass for the bennies.
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    How much do you think this will yield?

    Sorry, sarcasm filter was off. I agree, no point in spraying water.
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    How much do you think this will yield?

    Have you ever used one of those handheld misting spray bottles with the fan attached? Felt good, right? Now, imagine you are a weed plant...
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    What are they in currently? You are likely good to pot up into a 1 gallon container for a few weeks to give the roots time to establish. Then into the 5 gallon for a week, then flip. I amend my final pot with flowering amendments before transplant. By giving them a week before flip, the roots...
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    What is the final pot size you are aiming for? As others have said, you pot up once the roots have filled the current container. I like to get a really good root ball going in a solo cup, then dust with mycos and pot up to 1 gallon for a few weeks. Then it goes into the 7 gallon fabric pot for...
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    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Then I say have at it! They get what's coming to them.
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    2022 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Is your land posted? You should do that first and then that should cover you from civil liability. At least shield you a little bit. Sucks that happened to you. I truly didn't think anyone would do that given how much weed is around these days.
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    I Think My Son Is Messing Up

    Wait until the hairs pull back into the flowers. Don't look at trichromes.
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    Take a handful of the soil and squeeze it into a ball. If no water drips out and it stays in a ball, then it is good to go.
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    How much do you think this will yield?

    Hell, it could be zero. A lot can happen between now and harvest.
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    How Does Your Garden Grow??????

    Busy year in the garden, didn't have time to document much. Eggplant, various beans, cucumber, tomatoes, garlic, onions, peas, carrots, lettuce and potatoes crushed. Jacks dead bug and Neem oil IPM did work against a crazy flea beetle and aphid infestation. Saved my eggplant, potatoes, and...
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    Clone with 3 finger leaves

    @Herb & Suds did you want to welcome them? Not sure if you've hit your court mandated numbers.
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    Clone with 3 finger leaves

    It happens all the time for me. They will start pumping out the normal 5 finger once they get settled. Even on my mother plants, when I cut back the root ball to repot, they will sometimes have 3 fingers for the first set of leaves.
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    New and Improved TnT Foodie thread

    Going to cook up the last of our delicata harvest using this recipe. Thanks for sharing!
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    How much do you think this will yield?

    Correct. Spraying can lead to excess moisture and bud rot. If you are spraying anything other than water, then you could be leaving residue on the buds. Depending what that is, that could make it taste bad or even be dangerous to smoke.
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    How much do you think this will yield?

    Seriously though, why are your leaves wet?
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    How much do you think this will yield?

    About a pound
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    The fishing thread ( not about fish fertilizer)

    Will def need to check this out.
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    what do you do with all the extra weed?,metres%20%E2%80%94%20106%20feet%20%E2%80%94%20long.
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    what do you do with all the extra weed?

    Buy a dry sift screen bag. Buy dry ice. Put flower in the bag with dry ice and let it sit for 10-15 min. Then shake the bag over a glass table or some other smooth collection surface. You want the sift to be golden, not green at all. Good luck.