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    New lights, new spectra and some High Light strips

    Hey guys these strips look awesome - what kind of configs/kits can we expect to see them available in? Is it too early for an eta?
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    Aussie High Lights – we're official

    Can these new boards be run in parallel with the old boards? I have a UV board and had planned to add a second board in the future, both powered from my current driver.
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    First grow - female hermie?

    Thanks, this is not ideal. I'm going to try trimming these unsought appendages and hope for the best!
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    First grow - female hermie?

    Hi, this plant is on day 33 from breaking the surface and is growing in living soil in a 2x2 tent. It's a feminized auto from Dutch Passion and has recently started to flower and I'm a bit unsure if these are male parts trying to get in on the action? There's a pistil coming from one of these...