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    Using Bio Bizz Bloom and Grow with Coot's Soil Mix

    I don t think u can have buildup with a 100% organic nute
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    bio bizz fish mix and bio bloom

    Does bio bizz fish mix and bloom has enough cal mag for a healthy cannabis plant it contains molasses and molasses has calcium and magnesium
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    500 ml or 250 ml

    Should I buy a 500 ml bottle or a 250 ml bottle for 3 plants in the ground i will use bio bizz fish mix and bio bloom for this grow
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    Can Nepalese landrace handle 46 latitude?
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    Where to buy absinthe plants that are psychoactive

    Where can i buy psychoactive absinthe alcohol plants
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    Od salvia

    Can u overdose on salvia?
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    K2 synthetic weed spice

    For anyone who tried legal highs. How îs The high like on spice/k2. Can Someone explain/elaborate more how IT feels like?
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    Different acid tabs

    Has anyone noticed a slight difference în visuals and experience from different types of tabs of acid like The experience îs pretty much the same intense, eye opening but The last time i took IT was The clearest acid ever i took maybe IT was the most pure/deep and experienced no body load at all...
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    Nature monster

    Anyone experiente hearing monster or feral sounds at night? I live near a lake with a spot in nature and i was awake at from 2 to like 4 am in The morning. At 3 o clock almost exactly i hear two loud feral sounds but IT sounded like some kind of monster like a feral being but much stronger and...
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    Improving The native soil

    Should i break The soil with a spade or something and Then mixing with compost perlite and peat moss or put IT simply on the top of The soil
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    Improving The native soil

    Ca-n i grow good plants using The native soil and suplementing IT with a lot of organic mânuire instead of digging în The ground and adding store brought soil
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    Hemp milky way

    Does anyone know an easy milky way recipe. I was thinking taking a handfull of hemp and bolling IT în milk with butter for 4 hours some friends had done that and said IT blew them The fuck away, do u think îs worthy of i use enough?
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    weed popularity

    was there weed in the USA till 1960 or did people smoke till 1960?
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    Strain recommendations Growing in southern Mexico winter

    maybe jarila de sinaloa from tltseeds?it s a mexican landrace highly resistant to humidity and guatemala is another one that s easy to grow and grows in the jungles
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    Durban poison by Mel Frank

    Khalifa genetics has 80 s Durban poison landrace with skinny leaves is a new realease
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    Trove of 1970's 'bag seed' ...this could be fun.

    do u have any information on the specie/race of those seeds?
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    Kinda weird k trip

    This was about last summer so I started snorting some good quality ketamine at around 12 o clock the ketamine was pretty good without hard feelings of numbness pretty clean I felt a little out of my body and I was kinda walking on a cloud but experienced some weird dissociation just like I was...
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    i really wanna experience that smell
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    I am curious about what s the purpose of the datura plant, I mean what s the purpose of visiting those places does anybody thinks it makes u a better person?
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    Can you get high by touching weed??? I feel it!!! :-/

    i asked myself the exact same thing when i was smelling my plants smelling all kind of flowers can make u happier relaxed