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  1. tkmk

    The Vault & Dutch Passion – 150 Seeds Giveaway, Promo and Freebies!

    Awesome thank you so much #teamvault
  2. tkmk

    Green Friday at The Vault! Tons of Freebies + Giveaway!

    Spending my green Friday work sadly. I would love some feminized seeds or the seedstockers tray.
  3. tkmk

    The Vault & Dutch Passion – 150 Seeds Giveaway, Promo and Freebies!

    Euforia sounds like the perfect name
  4. tkmk

    The Vault & Expert Seeds – SUPER On Purchase Promo & Giveaway!

    I would love to try expert seeds
  5. tkmk

    Win a 3 Pack of Anesia Seeds Dankberry!

    Frozen black cherry
  6. tkmk

    Please welcome our new mascot!

    Pleasure to meet you herbie the adorable
  7. tkmk

    Barry's Natural Farms TGA MzJill genetics Purple Afghani Kush S1 giveaway

    I have some skywalka cookies from big head seeds going now and they are amazing so far
  8. tkmk

    Win FastBuds Forbidden Runtz Auto Cannabis Seeds from Gorilla Seeds

    Forbidden Runtz Auto sounds amazing with the high % thc and the amazing flovors.
  9. tkmk

    Tkmk's grow

    Day 43 of veg I am going to flip to flower tomorrow. They have filled about 80-85% of the net at this point. Light is set to 75% right now and i will slowly increase to 100% over the next 2 weeks. Oh and the clone is rooting up and starting to grow. So my first clone is a success.
  10. tkmk

    2022 New Giveaway Coming!!! 2 Winners!!!--Spider Farmer

    I could use a new heating mat. Amazing give away as usual #spiderfarmerled USA
  11. tkmk

    Tkmk's grow

    Day 39 of veg The girls are filling out the tent very nicely. Its about 75% filled. Had to open up the center of them because it was so dense and did not alloy any airflow. The clone i did is still looking alive and well. I should start feeding her soon.
  12. tkmk

    Tkmk's grow

    Smoking some sherbert i grew on my last run. I put this plant in the grow room 2 weeks later than the rest and ended up coming out my most potent bud lol.
  13. tkmk

    Tkmk's grow

    Day 35 of veg Officially 5 weeks into veg and the girls are healthy and filling out real nice. I want to do a 6 week veg but ill see what they look like in another week. The skywalka cookie in the front left is a monster and trying to take over the whole tent lol. Heres some more pics of the...
  14. tkmk

    Tkmk's grow

    33 days of veg. I ended up cleaning out a good amount of leaves from under the canopy today. It was just getting too clustered down there. When i do end up flipping to flower i plan on taking any veg growth under the net out. I have been on this site for a few years now and i have been...
  15. tkmk

    Win Fastbuds Mimosa cake auto cannabis seeds from

    I have never tried fastbuds but that mimosa cake looks amazing
  16. tkmk

    Tkmk's grow

    Day 31 of veg. I plan to flip them to flower in 4-10 days and would love to hear everyone opinion on when i should flip and/or if my time seems about right. Heres some pics of my lovely ladies
  17. tkmk

    just dogs

    So adorable
  18. tkmk

    Tkmk's grow

    Day 29 of veg. I wish the girls had a little bit more node spacing. It is way too cluttered in the middle of these girl. But at least the girls are looking healthy and happy.