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  1. OrgyOfMadness

    Someone Help! Brick Packed Dank

    that doesn't look anything like tia juana brick to me lol! if the smell is off then ya, they didn't finish the cure. just dried, trimmed and shipped it. you can fix that to some degree. put it in mason jars and leave it alone for a week at a time. open it every 5 to 7 days to let it breath. just...
  2. OrgyOfMadness

    Wow, fasten your seat belt!!

    i rip them through my bong. i roll keif and hash oil with my bud. i end up with some pretty potent doobies. they get a little goopy at the end so i just rip the side open on the roach and dump out bong tokes. they don't get all drippy and messy until they get hot so it is pretty easy to work...
  3. OrgyOfMadness

    Any recommendations for Las Vegas Dispensaries

    wellness 702 southeast. wellness 702 has always handled my business professionally. when i order from a dispensary it is the only place i go to. i have sampled a lot of what they have. flower is always good and they have a ridiculous selection of strains. wax is always good and they have a...
  4. OrgyOfMadness

    Best Way To Clean A Bong?

    for those pieces that look like a gas station bathroom, try CLR. it will clean the dirtiest caked on gunk.
  5. OrgyOfMadness


    it is a steam roller you freeze. basically a tube with a bowl connected to it. this is more sophisticated and far more beautiful to compare in such a way. but ya, pretty much a tube with a bowl on the end. you freeze it or fill it with ice. load the bowl and smoke away. when you get your hit you...
  6. OrgyOfMadness

    Zob Instrumentum percolatus

    Zob inline Instrumentum percolatus. hits great. zero drag. you can adjust how airy the hit is by adjusting the water level. for dabs on my domeless Ti i hold the water level a bit lower {2 inches give or take} then the recommended level. it bubbles pretty hard at the recommended level as well so...
  7. OrgyOfMadness

    Whats the smoothest way to smoke weed?

    you might try a bubbler. like a mini bong but you don't get the slam effect of a bong. where you burn through your hit and then suck the whole thing down. a bubbler is great in the way that you lightly inhale and the smoke gets all cleaned up and cooled off from the water it passes through like...
  8. OrgyOfMadness

    Medicating with homemade edibles aka trial by fire

    .25 to .5 grams of decarbed bud per single dose. that is a quarter of a gram to a half of a gram per person. did you decarb {activate} the bud first? an edible with .5 grams {half of a gram} of top shelf is going to be crazy powerful so be real careful with it. nothing sucks like having eaten to...
  9. OrgyOfMadness

    Hello from sin city!

    hello everyone! i would like to introduce myself to you all. i live in Vegas, 44 years old, male, and i am a disabled vet. i am a proud medicinal marijuana card holder and love all things 420. i belong to some of the local marijuana advocacy groups here in Las Vegas. i love to smoke, vape, eat...
  10. OrgyOfMadness

    supp man. i am a vegas local. ta[email protected] is my personal email. hit me up and we...

    supp man. i am a vegas local. taverntracke[email protected] is my personal email. hit me up and we can talk ok?