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  1. TheChosen

    What "normal" food repulses you?

    creamed spinach potato salad
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    The Drunk Thread!

    not cool, a retraction is in order
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    I think I want to go see this movie..
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    The Drunk Thread!

    captain morgan p stock
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    The Drunk Thread!

    the same thing yeah
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    The Drunk Thread!

  7. TheChosen

    all in favor of letting the turkey live!

    The luck in potluck comes from you're lucky as fuck if you go to one and don't get sick from some half assed dish someone drops off.
  8. TheChosen

    Idea for a TV Show

    And the majority of the people on that show would still be on this board asking how many gallons of water they should give their seedling...
  9. TheChosen

    Mean words

    I can't stand it when some retard's parent writes an article saying that their heart breaks every time they hear the word retard, so they start a campaign stating that no one should ever use it. People who think that way, are retarded. Just like their children. The apple does not fall far...
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    Somewhat audacious of you to consider your family's vacation homes as your hood.
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    Just curious how the dirt and grime of everyone's hands tasted when you put that wad of Washingtons into your mouth?
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  13. TheChosen

    Want to take bigger bong hits?

    fyi: All smoke is carcinogenic
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    who likes dis ??
  15. TheChosen

    Zero Gravity Weed

    Clones. You're not going to buy one of these and throw 100 random seeds in there. Wish I could see one in person----bucket list
  16. TheChosen

    Xbox kinect.... Freaks me out.

    hmm never thought of that. That is pretty sketchy, if I get one I'm going to unplug and put a cover over that thing when not in use.
  17. TheChosen

    The Best Restaurant in the World

    The cost of these restaurants are worth it to the people that enjoy them. I enjoy fine dining, but I don't think the dishes being served at this restaurant are something I could stomach. Some of it may just be psychological, such as if someone handed me a dish with a fish sticking straight...
  18. TheChosen

    Xbox kinect.... Freaks me out.

    lol weed must be strong