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  1. slacker140

    Looking for a reliable source for delicious seeds sugar black rose.

    I just had mine delivered direct from delicious seeds.
  2. slacker140

    Csi humbolt only accepts blank money orders?

    He takes cash too. No electronic. I've sent probably 10 orders with cash and never had a problem and also heard many others with 0 problems. Yes electronic would be so much easier but if you want breeder direct and his freebies it's cash or money order. You won't get 23% off plus the amount of...
  3. slacker140

    Breeders Retail

    I wanted to get some chimera seeds for my collection so I researched a bit and found that breeders retail is the only place that sells them. They used to have a forum section at another forum but it has since been archived and the way to reach them is [email protected] and request a seed list...
  4. slacker140

    exotic genetix

    Keep in mind that this same person considers topping and fimming "abhorrent" but seems to be completely cool with taking cuttings as long as it's benefitting their breeding.
  5. slacker140

    ROOT APHIDS - No azadirachtin, pyrethrin or synthetics allowed. Now what?

    When I had root aphids, this was the only thing to get rid of them.
  6. slacker140

    The DISCORD thread!

    Generally speaking most of his stuff is a lot more expensive than other places unless he's running a special on an item. I've wanted a few things from there but price has kept me from it or I'll find it somewhere else for much cheaper.
  7. slacker140

    Purple city genetics

    Yeah maybe they've cleaned up since then and do testing and I'm sure not all their cuts are infected. I was just bitter at the time because I drove from Phoenix to LA just to pickup that cut from Dr greenthumb when I saw it on their new drop list.
  8. slacker140

    Purple city genetics

    The first purple city genetics I purchased a bit over a year ago came back hlvd positive from tumi. I purchased papaya and it was showing symptoms as soon as I got it home. I don't trust anything from them now. You would be wise to test your cuts from them if you're concerned about hlvd. I did...
  9. slacker140

    Seeds and

    I noticed that the seeds and clones site is now offering a huge selection of strains that are listed as "partner shipped". I've never ordered anything from this list but I did find that there is a site called that has the same inventory as these listed and has the same descriptions...
  10. slacker140

    Chitown seeds

    I've always gotten free seeds even if he doesn't list them and even if there's a sale cause there's been a sale for like the past year.
  11. slacker140

    Chitown Clones?

    This email? [email protected] Weird, he's always responded in a day or two for me.
  12. slacker140

    Genetic Designer ?

    But their $7,000 chem 91 sure sounds like a steal now.
  13. slacker140

    Genetic Designer ?

    Pretty sure it's one of the guys from gage green genetics.
  14. slacker140

    REAL Strawnana..

    Anyone try the strawberry guava and know if it's only really good for hash too?
  15. slacker140

    CSI humboldt thread

  16. slacker140

    REAL Strawnana..

    For less than half the price I'd just take the 14er cut. Or wait for someone to resell it at less than half the price.
  17. slacker140

    REAL Strawnana..

    That's cool, except their $500 price tag.
  18. slacker140

    Chitown Clones?

    Same, I've bought seeds a few times with no problems. Good customer service and if you just respond to his invoice asking for credit card he'll set you up for that. He responds pretty quickly to emails. I bet if you asked him more about his hlvd testing he'd get back to you quickly too.
  19. slacker140

    REAL Strawnana..

    You can try hortmans if you want. I personally wouldn't buy from there though.
  20. slacker140

    REAL Strawnana..

    They're on Instagram too of you wanted to try that.