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    cats will do that. how secure is it?
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    Going to be this.

    I was buying 3-finger 1/4’s in the 80’s for $25 but never remember it being fan leaves. I remember ducking the seed explosions and loose airy buds but never remember getting straight leaf material.
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    Happy Birthday Bareback

    happy happy happy happy Birthday!!!
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    Happy Birthday Rsawr!!

    Happy birthday :) party still going?
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    My wife turns 50 tomorrow.

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    2nd grow, 1st Indoors, 4yr old seeds

    ya I am tracking. GL
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    2nd grow, 1st Indoors, 4yr old seeds

    Have you tried letting them dry out and get an idea of the weight of the pot dry? When I say dry I mean they are laying over dry. My opinion is they are overwatered still. It’s just my opinion and I’m not there but just because the top inch or two is dry doesn’t mean they are still waterlogged...
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    I feel for people who only got involved in politics after trump cause it’s always been a shifty loose sorta clumsy democratic process with all kinds of bad actors stealing things from the American public but this is a whole nother level imo. like I am not surprised our young people are not...
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    Are you better off today, than you were 4 years ago when Trump was POTUS?
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    Favourite video game?

    that is so cool man would guitar hero be fun with that or what?
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    Blaze & Daze

    I’ll never forget the first time I drove hwy 17 and saw skid marks up like 6-feet on that center concrete divide. How does that even happen? Beautiful area.
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    Blaze & Daze

    I hear ya. I used to commute from Marysville, WA >>> 1-hr up a logging road from North Bend, WA. I will say the Bay Area traffic is a lot lighter since Covid…like 50% is my guess even in the SBAY.
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    Hey , Dummy Grow a Plant - Simple Soil Container Growing

    cool contrast between those 2 plants.
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    Blaze & Daze

    you drive a lot? I used to have a commute but these days I work from home
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    Blaze & Daze

    So happy we are getting a little rain/snow in CA, feel like I am at one of those full service gas stations saying “just top it off Johnny”…
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    Women in Music

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    one thing I know for sure is that rich people , who I assume are involved in this truth social, when they smell blood in the water is when they get really driven to screw you. I remember back in the late 80’s we had a construction company doing a nice consistent 18% margin on a $10M revenue...
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    he is leveraged to the hilt it seems but isn’t the fine because that is what he has made illegally by cooking the books to get more favorable borrowing rates? I am not sure if that is how the aggregate is set but where is all that cash he saved? he definitely has had a number of really bad...
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    Computer Thread

    first rule of fight club is sell the razor blades not the razors? or some shit…