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  1. HenryTheEighth

    One pissed off lady

    They look hungry and under watered. The whole plant is limping. If it’s not dying from drowning it’s dying of thirst. You are scared to flush? Why because you can’t control catching the outflow? I’d say get the bag off that travel roller and little tray and into something that can catch...
  2. HenryTheEighth

    Short term seed storage

    They should be good in the packet they came in, but yeah a dark container and a cool, dry dark place is best.
  3. HenryTheEighth

    Un-Refrigerated breeders & banks

    Agreed. You don’t often see ANY mention of seed storage protocols at banks. I think Herbies refrigerate and list it if memory serves correctly. Probably the only one to stand on this service. But not just cold storage is the issue. When the beans were made would be nice. Then I would only...
  4. HenryTheEighth

    Another Republican President, Another Recession.

    God bless Amerika This so godless Amerika
  5. HenryTheEighth

    Need help- plant troubles

    So it’s an auto that you started in that pot and that soil? And it did good until this happened? Then I don’t understand how it’s nitrogen toxicity. It’s starting to flower yeah so it actually might be hungry.
  6. HenryTheEighth

    what was that additive that california that makes buds rock Hard

    Nah tried that, wombat shit works way better, but you gotta chew it first and spit it on the soil. :spew:
  7. HenryTheEighth

    Should I flip to flower?

    I’m gunna go against what everyone said. Lose the net and just top each main branch again. You can halve your stretch but doubling your tops. Turn those 7 mains into 14.
  8. HenryTheEighth

    Any idea what I’m dealing with

    Well if letting them ‘dry out’ fixes things it will be proof that they don’t drain properly. Coco doesn’t need to do a wet/dry cycle it is designed to hold ‘field capacity’ (the correct amount of moisture) but it can only do this if if can drain freely.
  9. HenryTheEighth

    Any idea what I’m dealing with

    I still think they have wet feet. Otherwise it needs to be warmer. I don’t use bags I use self watering pots. They have a suspended tray 1/3 from the bottom and a 3inch reservoir at bottom. This allows the whole bottom section of the medium to drain properly but also wick back up as it...
  10. HenryTheEighth

    Any idea what I’m dealing with

    I wouldn’t do the Dolomite. You could end up chasing PH if you do that (been there). If your coco was new and buffered with calcium etc then don’t add dolomite lime. Id say your coco is soaked - at the bottom. Sit you bags up on bricks. Because it looks like your runoff sits in two inch trays.
  11. HenryTheEighth


    I don’t think you have too many issues. You just sound a bit nervous about your setup because of these unexpected things. You ‘soil’ looks dry in the photos and looks like a bark type potting mix with perlite. Outside seed gets into these mixes and guano probably contains seeds of stuff bats...
  12. HenryTheEighth


    JAH seeds bro 4 strain Auto Reg bundle 4 different mothers - same gorilla Ryder male. You’re welcome
  13. HenryTheEighth


    They looking like capsicums/peppers bro! :o Now I know why people say stay away from ILGM.
  14. HenryTheEighth

    Beans for a Cerebral Head High

    It’s a ball ache to order direct from CSI (cash) so Easiest way to get CSI is through breeders direct seed co. (I’m OZ). I’ve had success. Bought a hoodie with order and payed PayPal. Fast post - too easy. Other decent state side seed bank is genetic supply. This is for Norstar seeds...
  15. HenryTheEighth

    Beans for a Cerebral Head High

    Jah seeds has sweet skunk and plenty of old school stuff you’d probably like. But looks like you are pretty set with ESB and Bubblegum. You should have got the African queen that is Durban x c99 as well. Can’t go wrong with FDM. bx3 bubblegum is such a great buy dude. You should be...
  16. HenryTheEighth

    RxCE who's done it, tips and tricks?!

    I don’t understand what you are talking about? R.I.C.E method? Isn’t that first aid? Are you talking about a rice cooker to cook off alcohol? I wouldn’t use an induction cooktop to do alcohol reduction in your home. Adding terps? What the hell for? When? Before you heat or after? This all...
  17. HenryTheEighth

    Aussie Growers Thread

    Well confirmed - you had the gorilla advantage last time. Gelato won’t perform the same bro no matter how much light you put on it. But by all means - try to prove us wrong if you got your game face on. But my money is 4 zips a plant this run for gelato.
  18. HenryTheEighth

    Trim Jail is Hell

    That was gunna be my suggestion. Make hash. Cuts down on trim time if you rough trim and fresh freeze. But being sativa it might not wash well…that’s been my experience. Isopropyl wash is the only way with sticky sativas that don’t shed their resin in ice water.
  19. HenryTheEighth

    Would you run these

    To freebie or not to freebie that is the question… I’d say no as well. Why would you deviate from your plan? You bought Malawi. Grow Malawi. I usually ask for no freebies because they are not worth thinking about.
  20. HenryTheEighth

    Aussie Growers Thread

    I agree with the other Kermit. Unless you are saying this number on previous experience with same strain I think you will be lucky to hit 8 all up.