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  1. Mr. StankyFingas

    Preliminary Legal Grey Area?

    I was atleast able to obtain a prescription for Marinol from my local doctor. Should help to demonstrate some medical necessity while also prioritizing your utmost discretion!
  2. Mr. StankyFingas

    Superctitical co2 or distillation

    I seriously don't understand why everybody is wasting so much time and money on all this high grade expensive lab equipment...
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    Who needs MD when we got PA up in here!

    Haha, bill just got passed 2 months ago in May for us Pennsylvanians. Feel nice to finally benefit from THC without having to be concerned of my freedom! Currently working on patenting my own custom rig design. I think this one could really knock some socks off folks. I look forward to becoming...
  4. Mr. StankyFingas

    What human food can be used in growing?

    LMAO smppro I geeked out at that part too!! I find this whole bit entertaining to be honest. Heres a guy who asked a question and immediatly attacked everyone trying to come to his aid, and yet he still continues to recieve answeres to his questions! BTW just incase anyone on here is an ignorant...
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    Help with growing for first time grower

    Yes you can do that but you can't determine sex untill you start flowering. If you switch to 12/12 and start flowering indoors and then put it back outdoors when the days are still long it will force your plant back into vegetive and stress the plant. To solve your height issues, just read some...
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    skunk 36 days looks almost done : Pics

    "Patience is a virtue."
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    Help with growing for first time grower

    You might wanna try growin a couple because it doesn't sound like your seeds are femenized and babying one marijuana just to find out that it's a male and will never produce buds for you is a big let down.. By the way, you can get a plant to flower in any sized pot it's just a matter of how good...
  8. Mr. StankyFingas

    making honey oil with co2 instead of buetain

    Whether not it's a liquid has absolutely NOTHING to do with it... CO2 is not a solvent.
  9. Mr. StankyFingas

    Need advise about Flushing the Soil before haversting

    Who cares if it's harsh man, it's your first grow. This is the way we learn things.
  10. Mr. StankyFingas

    Yellowing w/ black spots

    Yea, they want you to use as much as possible so you will have to buy more at a sooner time.
  11. Mr. StankyFingas

    ok hands up on this one need a second opinion if u gt five mins 2 spare

    Haha, cheers mate! That definatly sounds like it would be the fix. If anything your weed plants will much enjoy a slightly acidic pH rather than a base one. Hope this is the cure and also hope to see some sick ass buds come from your grow man.
  12. Mr. StankyFingas

    ok hands up on this one need a second opinion if u gt five mins 2 spare

    Naa I wouldn't think so. I have suffered mag defficiency before and the symptoms generally entail yellowing of the outside of the leaves in a tiger stripe pattern along with rust spots throughout middle of leaves. Mag defficiency generally doesn't occur until flowering because that's when this...
  13. Mr. StankyFingas


    Well I personally would just find containers that wouldn't render me such a hassle but if you decide to go this rout I would suggest not painting the bottom where your drain holes would be. At the end of my harvest I always have the roots trying to grow out of my drain holes so I wouldn't want...
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    my 1st Shiva Skunk grow and....

    Well it seems to be working for you just fine! My ballast is not digital but you've given me something to research so thanks.
  15. Mr. StankyFingas

    my 1st Shiva Skunk grow and....

    Awesome! so what do you think will happen if I stick a thousand watt bulb in my 400 watt ballast?
  16. Mr. StankyFingas

    my 1st Shiva Skunk grow and....

    Mad props man. So wait, your runnin a thousand watt bulb out of a 240 watt ballast?? How the hell does that work?
  17. Mr. StankyFingas

    my 1st Shiva Skunk grow and....

    DAMN! That's only six plants? I know that ain't your setup bro.. ;)
  18. Mr. StankyFingas

    First grow in a dresser, but my plant is yellowing. help!

    Aint no hate'n bro, gotta make do with the room you got. My concern would be the ingredients in that soil. The "Miracle Grow" formula may be a bit intense for seedlings to sprout in..
  19. Mr. StankyFingas

    Cloning advice needed.

    Your best bet is to just keep one female to cut clones off of and keep in in veg. Never flower it, just use it to cut clones. This way stress won't be a variable to affect yeild. You'll be suprised how many branches will start to sprout off of it. Everytime you cut you should be able to get more...
  20. Mr. StankyFingas

    is this to crowded?

    Unless you're starting them out on 12/12 so they bud ASAP. Otherwise they are gonna get way to bushy and shade eachother from recieving propper light.