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    RxCE who's done it, tips and tricks?!

    I never use the salt. I just did a batch this morning. The DIY tech is pretty sound. I use a fondue skillet. Ramping up the heat slowly was important for my reduction. If you are reducing in a flat stainless bowl, weight it empty first so you know how much oil you are left with at the end. Then...
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    Mel Frank's Durban Poison S1's

    The durban from hot rod does not have anise terps. It has some spice and fruit terps. It is great plant, i have grown 2 of his durban. If you find any strain with strong black licorice, let me know as i love those terps.
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    Space heater recommendation

    Amazon has a 500w cerameric heater for pretty cheap (cover red led while turned on). The coils do not glow during use. Hook up to an inkbird it-308. I run this myself in an insulated out building in canada during winter. Temps get cold but does the job. The radiator oil filled heater is nice...
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    Pheno hunt vs. "strain hunt" - pros and cons

    If you look at Ace and want long flowering, Old Timer's Haze (14-20w). Go look at their site. Do your research as you are the one growing. Opinions and advice is subjective at best. Start growing.
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    Grove Bags alternative

    Checkout this RIU thread.
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    Grow journal

    Was the zulu botryis during flower or after chop? You tossing the whole plant or only infected buds?
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    Grow journal

    What week of flower are you in for Harley's? Mine were done in 10 weeks.
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    IBL Durban & crosses

    Good to hear you are on the road to recovery. Take is slow with your heart. I listened to the pot cast with Heime. He sounded like a good soul. Rhodesia was divided into countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The IBL Durban has nice purple leaves. Colas are really dense. Finishing week 9 of flower.
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    Grow journal

    In 2-3 weeks you should start to see purple in the leaves, at least from my experience with hotrodharley's seeds currently.
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    Grow journal

    Nice Durbans. I have the exact same DP from your source too. Mine are starting week 8 in flower (indoor coco - dtw). Some leaves are getting purple. Nugs are getting bigger and more dense. You figure 10-12 weeks in flower?
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    Ace Seeds- Golden Tiger

    The Burmese, is that the Burma Myanmar? I grew the GT, it was good but still searching for a better plant.
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    IBL Durban & crosses

    End of week 5. I believe 5-7 left.
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    Canadian Suppliers

    Growliv is canadian and breed predators for pest control. They are based out of southwest ontario.
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    IBL Durban & crosses

    Delayed the flower to this week. 2 confirmed females with 1 male in small container. Leaves are beginning to narrow. I will connect the portable scrog nets this week and isolate male.
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    IBL Durban & crosses

    4 weeks since first set of leaves. I kept it root bound until 2 days ago. They are going to flower this week.
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    Night time temp dropped

    How was the Taskenti? I have some durban poison going at the moment.
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    Where can I hang my weed to dry?

    Growing up in west canada, we had scorpions, black widows, rattle snakes, bears, and cougars (not milfs). I find brown recluse in southwest ontario. Hate them.
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    Where can I hang my weed to dry?

    I would take a black widow bite over a brown recluse, scary bastards. I spray my outdoor room also before growing. I grow from fall to spring in an out building that has the same issues. I have no spiders or insects.
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    Where can I hang my weed to dry?

    Small hangar, get a cardboard box and add wire to box to hang plants.
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    IBL Durban & crosses

    @hotrodharley The DP is looking good. 3 days after 6 hour soak.