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  1. sweetleaf chongo

    7 East Genetics

    dont sleep on the kracken or 2 favorite of 7 east
  2. sweetleaf chongo

    CSI humboldt thread

    nighttime smoke , great berry grape flavor only downside was super slow veg and long flower for full potential.
  3. sweetleaf chongo

    Project 4516

    you might have a better chance on strainly finding a cheap cross. but don't fall for the hype $400 a pack for unproven gear definitely buyer beware. you're better off with Tiki madman.
  4. sweetleaf chongo

    Seed banks with best genetics?

    my go to is great lakes , romulan , CSI humboldt....
  5. sweetleaf chongo

    CSI humboldt thread

    the obama kush is pretty tasty
  6. sweetleaf chongo

    Lazypothead's 4x4 Critical Kush Geekbeast Grow

    looks good babies are happy and healthy . have you ever thought about nectar for the gods ? i am going to run the CK with their line after watching your thread cant wait to see you harvest....looks like its going to be big!
  7. sweetleaf chongo

    Grand Daddy Purps Mainline Grow under 1000W Blackdog Phytomax 2 LED

    its listed at 16.5% from the test results listed on the website seedfinder they have a whole terp - cbd-thc report listed , def seems stronger great daytime smoke but if i smoke to much puts me to sleep, couch lock kinda high long lasting munchies
  8. sweetleaf chongo

    Grand Daddy Purps Mainline Grow under 1000W Blackdog Phytomax 2 LED

    i have grown it several runs , i would def take shelf , smells very sweet and fruity ...taste like grapes , amazing terp profile. very flavorful even better than purple urkle . only downside is that it yields small , maybe 2oz - 2-1/2 each plant in my exp. soil, led, no co2, grows...
  9. sweetleaf chongo

    bodhi seeds

    maybe blue sunshine ?
  10. sweetleaf chongo

    Top 10 strains of the last 10 years.(must have's♡)

    Gdp Blue Dream Cherry Pie Skywalker king Louis xiv Romulan Blue cheese Irene Starfighter Jet Fuel
  11. sweetleaf chongo

    Here we grow again! Blue Dream X2

    looks good ...
  12. sweetleaf chongo

    NFTG. Nectar For The Gods

  13. sweetleaf chongo

    NFTG. Nectar For The Gods

    not sure if the bag comes hot ?
  14. sweetleaf chongo

    NFTG. Nectar For The Gods

    do you recommend a pre flush with the #4.....i opened a bag today and did my first slurry test using distilled water ph to 7 then mixed with #4 1for1 ratio after stir and sit for 15 min it came up 7.8 ph and first run with the nectar so any help much apprecciated
  15. sweetleaf chongo

    Maverick’s Timber 4vs Grow Journal

    purchase a dehumidifier asap, chuck the infected unfortunately
  16. sweetleaf chongo

    Looking for the best breeders for some classic strains?

    dinafem blue cheese is def a keeper nice sweet taste
  17. sweetleaf chongo

    Day 35 flower blue cheese *THOUGHTS*

    nice work, I love blue cheese one of my favorite , if your a fan I would highly recommend Dinafem blue cheese, you wont be sorry
  18. sweetleaf chongo

    Just curious: Green Crack vs Cheese

    I have grown the cheese it is one of my favorite and leans to the indy side while GK leans to the sativa side for sure neon green rock type nugs with a super racy head high def a keeper for sure , grow good grow big .....
  19. sweetleaf chongo

    More lower yellow leaves

    neem oil or a little dish soap diluted with water apply with spray bottle