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    Dirty bird dark souls

    Never heard of that strain before...
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    bodhi seeds

    A nice way to show off the result, and indeed there's something to see! Nice result
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    I kinda like the fact that different languages of different groups often share same words or words alike, like Rose or somethig
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    Rate your Penis

    I'm a girl but...I guess it's HIGH ha
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    Wow...I would honestly never think of just covering the polinated branch with a...bag, haha. How could that happen that just one branch got pollen?
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    Bud rot?

    The bud won't rot in just 1 day, though. Is it mushy? Any smell of rot?
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    BEST Cheese Strain?

    BlueBerry Cheese, though I'm really not the greatest cheese lover but that one was good
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    Potassium Deficiency?

    Potassium, Nitrogen or perhaps a bit of Zink, but can also be an issue with water, indeed could be the water
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    changing lights during on day 40

    New light looks much promising but be careful not to burn the plants
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    How much water to use?

    Big pot for the clone? Clones are not getting that big usually, don't need a huge pot. Huge pot may also not be that good for the roots, I mean too big
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    Did I lollipop too much

    Hahaha what the hell :)
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    Soil Recipe

    That is a looong list, I usually just buy the soil and add some fertilizers. Used to try using compost, like placing old cabbages and pumpkins to rot and make a decent soil, quite good for growing tomatoes I'd say but not enough for canna. Perhaps I should give your recipe a go...
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    2024 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    Hello! Well since you have a greenhouse it's no longer an outdoor :) But you're right though, most strains are mixed mix of mixes, they breed genetics then mix them between then mix some more. Like a blender, so not surprising for them to demand nearly clinical conditions. But, there's a...