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  1. Gman21fun

    What Are You Listening To?

    Sublime and enjoying concentrates like Gods plan and a 12 strain summer blend nice
  2. Gman21fun

    Feeling 420 today

    Feeling 420 today
  3. Gman21fun

    Welcome New Members! Read this before posting!

    Thanks for such a warm welcome iam looking forward to meeting many new people here and havinv some good session much love. "G"man
  4. Gman21fun

    The original G man new to site

    Hey i love your logo great product branding outstanding graphics and also kewl lingo stay fresh nice to meet ya
  5. Gman21fun

    The original G man new to site

    Thanks for all the kind words and thats true about most sites bro for sure iam pretty good at insulating and feeling out process i dont need any help or contacts or anything just teying to be social and meet more people out in the world that love this livestyle and culture as much as me so hope...
  6. Gman21fun

    The original G man new to site

    Hello all you stoners nice to meet you all i love u all you gorgeous people love to discuss new strains growing smoking and eating you name it if its weed related iam in so please feel free to introduce yourself to me iam new to technology and the web so please bear with me but should catch...
  7. Gman21fun

    New to this site and just tech but loving med mary ew

    Hello my name is George Iam a very old head new to this site and to legal mary i was always used to the wrong side of the law when it came to smoking but its all i enjoy and its my medicine so now since last month i can do it legally only thing thats a laugh is that they want to charge crazy...