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  1. Nutty sKunK


    He’s got roots out the clone! Thats epic. Really is a game changer for the auto scene! Shame I didn’t know earlier as this iced n baked pheno I got from Mephisto is epic! Took a week break and smoked some and literally disconnected from my body and would’ve tripped me out when I started smoking...
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    Can’t find that link anymore?!
  3. Nutty sKunK

    Amber terps and white pistils

    Looks like light stress. The lower/middle buds have less white hairs right? Can give them plain water if you like but no need to rinse the medium with loads of water
  4. Nutty sKunK

    2023 solo cup contest..

    Gorilla cookies by fastbuds. Went really fast as it tasted awesome and gave a solid hybrid buzz! Would recommend for sure! They also do a fast flower version if photos are your thing :)
  5. Nutty sKunK

    Suggestions for Lower THC strains...

    If autos are anything to consider for you they often have higher amounts of CBD due to the ruderalis. If not then anything with higher cbd like others have mentioned will mellow the high. Also there may be certain terpenes you want to avoid high amounts of. I’m not sure how much of a factor...
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    2024 outdoor show an tell anything an everything outdoor is welcome.

    Time to harvest one as I’m on holiday for a week and it’s nothing but rain while I’m away. It’s held so far with the rains but can’t risk bud rot! Smells amazing, like really strong lemon jelly! Guava is budding very nicely now. Temps back in the 50s daytime high :/ What a shite summer for us
  7. Nutty sKunK

    This might be Triggering

    Flushing is putting 2-3x the pots volume of water thru it. It’s only really needed if there’s a severe toxicity. Giving water at the end isn’t flushing. Pics tell a thousand words. Post some if you have any. Leaf stripping is something you do mostly at the start/middle of flower and...
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    Would be ideal!! I mean you could even use it for a little bit to extended the veg time!
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    That’s epic!! Will have to see what dosage he’s using again but will try it when I get the tent back up in September. Will probs dose them enough to get cuttings then keep the cuttings in veg and flower the others. I hope it’s effects wear off shortly so you can switch to flower in a decent time
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    The UK Growers Thread!

    Plants are battling this shite weather. Next 10 days is like 13-16c :/ Does show how resilient this guava is tho. Purple lemonade is impressive as I’ve only fed it once but the first set of leaves aren’t even dead yet. Fastbuds do mention on their site it can go long periods without nutrients...
  11. Nutty sKunK

    Top buds vs bottom buds (potency)

    Cut the whole branch wherever the buds are not ripe. Don’t need to pick the buds but you’ve probably harvested already lol
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    Where are the F5s and beyond?

    Blueberry muffin is f9 supposedly.
  13. Nutty sKunK

    I hate trimming thread!

    My trick now is to simply trim anything that doesn’t have a big of sugar and leave the sugar leaves. Saves me loads of time Then when I roll a joint just pluck em off or keep them for a bit more cbg
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    She looked great to begin with. Defoliation is more of an indoor trick as the light is always directly above the plants. Sunlight hits at varying angles and has the best light penetration, top buds/bottom buds all get the same intensity. For me I only defoliate when leaves obviously block...
  15. Nutty sKunK

    Peach strains?

    I’m looking for a lip smacking peach flavour! Any recommendations? Auto or photo doesn’t matter :) Wouod prefer the high to functional during the day but no worries if not. cheers!
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    2024 outdoor show an tell anything an everything outdoor is welcome.

    Had to transplant out of that little container. With the sun beating on it she was drying too fast. Into a 3 gallon now. A bit late but ive found they do root well right at the start of flower. Purple lemonade smells incredible! Is it just me or do plants smell better outside? Wonderful lemon...
  17. Nutty sKunK

    Outdoor autos pot size?

    What you put in that 10 gallon makes a big difference!! You want a good amount of sativa so it’s extra vigorous and can root it all!! But tbh 10 gallon may be overkill and hard to water unless you transplant it in stages. Fastbuds blue dream, gorilla strains, orange sherbet etc. Mephisto...
  18. Nutty sKunK

    Bit Nervous week end week 6.

    Did you notice any changes when the humidity drops? It causes them to drink faster and can make your media seem ‘toxic’ Feed charts are usually quite aggressive and are the maximum amounts. Try 1/2 strength. You’re at the point where a few blemishes aren’t gonna matter much. Cheers bud! He’s...
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    Bit Nervous week end week 6.

    The yellowing tips look like excess K. Calm down on any boosters and just give a base feed. Mixing grow and bloom may be best for you in this situation to give them a balanced feed. Aim roughly for a 1-1-2 ratio NPK. How are your temps? Don’t worry. Still look nice tho!
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    Can you transplant after they start to flower?

    They still root very well at this stage is what I’m saying. Veg/stretch/flower. Your plants look as if they are just hitting stretch. If u had developing buds probably too late. I typically transplant around 12-15 days in solo cups to final container