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  1. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    i cant un see the ending of your post :eyesmoke:
  2. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

  3. bursto

    Aussie Growers Thread

    Rollitup, or pack a cone Vape some dry herb, or take RSO smoke it or eat it, before you bone It really don't matter which way you go,:weed:
  4. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    woman in green, "its so much fun to hold a big woody again since my husbands accident " Tree, "ahh,,,thats it baby, just keep rubbing it with your hand, its still growing"
  5. bursto

    Best light for 2x4 area for $300 and under

    this could squeeze in there it has sliders that you can adjust...
  6. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    car in for service today at Toyota, 45000ks service $790aud thats a nice 700w grow light kinda money :wall: I prefer the old jeeps and landcruisers that you can work on your self the new fancy cars have to many computers and plastic crap everywhere these days. then you have to deal the fat...
  7. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    ahh its still on there after deleting the file we found and browser history im still infected some jydjb.check virus
  8. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    I gave it to a 16yo and they found the cookie or whatever it was on my browser, taking me to a site wanting me to pay for some lame anti virus software Just had a stern talking to, about web security off my son,,, it was late and i followed a link, big deal think I'm all good right if i didn't...
  9. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    F#^$#ing stupid bursto, clicked allow on a pop up window, on a site i shouldn't have been on, now I've been hacked, whats a good free anti virus soft ware and do i need to change all my passwords now:wall:
  10. bursto


    keep feeding it
  11. bursto

    Win Free Product through Testing

    I'm new to Inkbird products, so have fresh eyes to test them with and some spare time now a couple of kids have moved out to put into any reviews if needed.
  12. bursto

    Thoughts on this dwc setup?

    Be careful with the zippers on the 4 x 8, they can give you the shits real quick, i prefer two 4x4's the zips just last longer, and you got the option of different light cycles couple of the magnetic ballast 600/1000w Hps lights in there would be awesome as @Trap Star was saying
  13. bursto

    Random Jabber Jibber thread

    if there was a post of the month award @Sativied should get it for that one
  14. bursto

    Hold your smoke or exhale, as soon as you finish hitting it? Survey.

    i got one of these, does a good job at the higher settings
  15. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    bought the last one,(till they restock) 9 people with sad faces today, wasn't $419, more like 335aud around 223 of your US dollars
  16. bursto

    Blaze & Daze

    Found i had one berry og kush fem seed, laying around. So i managed not to stuff up germinating it, it just went 12/12 the other day and took some cuts, fingers crossed, sounds like some nice smoke. Cant wait some blueberry and og kush flavored nugs anyone try growing it out before? or got a...
  17. bursto

    Best led for 2x4

    I'm thinking two spider farmer SE3000's
  18. bursto

    Hold your smoke or exhale, as soon as you finish hitting it? Survey.

    So anyone try @amneziaHaze 's jet pilot trick on their lastbongsmilie Hold and squeeze for 7 or 8 seconds at least, try not to collapse a lung :shock:
  19. bursto

    600 watts vs 1000 watts hps

    i like an open hood during winter, but if you worried about the heat or getting that little bit closer with the light, can't you just get a cool tube and keep the 1000w in the 4 x5.
  20. bursto

    budy candy vs molasses

    after reading through this thread i went and had a Musashi shake and wondered what would happen, if you fermented a few scoops of Musashi in water for a few days before giving it to your plants in coco mid flower think this is the softdrink list , looks the goods for hydro, but would like to...