1200W LED First Grow! White Widow + Gorilla Glue #4

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    iPerculate Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    Longtime smoker, however new to this forum and growing as well. I have been reading a lot and thought I would give it a try, so here goes nothin. The majority of the supplies I purchased online, and spent around $600 total, not including the clones. 4 plants total, 2 White Widow, 2 Gorilla Glue #4. I ordered some seeds online, but got anxious and ended up buying clones off Craigslist instead, so this should be interesting..

    4'x4'x80" Standard tent. Using 4" fan and carbon filter.

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest/Perlite -70/30 Mix. 7gal fabric smart pots.

    For the lights, I could use some feedback... I seen a few people say there is a big difference in yield between cheap and high end LED's of the same wattage. I found these "Recordcent" lights on Amazon and cannot find any info whatsoever besides some great reviews on amazon. It wont let me post a link since I'm new, but if you search Amazon for Recordcent LED, you should see them. $85 for each 600w
    Originally I was going to go with the Mars 600w, but decided I could get 2 of these for not much more money. I plan on using 1 600w for veg and introducing the 2nd 600w upon starting 12/12 cycle for a total of 1200w of the Recordcent.

    At the moment I am using 4 - 23w 6500K CFL's for the young clones.

    General Hydroponics Flora Trio + CalMag. Still looking for a flush nute, not sure if necessary. Mykos on the roots during transplant.

    I want to keep these plants short, so I will be going with the scrog technique and will top these 1-2 times. maybe also use some LST. 2 Layers of trellis nets.

    1/12/18 - Today I just transplanted into the smart pots. I estimate the plants to be entering their 3rd week now, will be running 6-8 weeks veg 8-10 flower. The plants are around 4-5" each, the WW looks a little farther along than the GG4. I am very temped to top the plants right now, they look to have 4-7 nodes and very healthy root systems. I just see a lot of mixed information about what age is best for topping. Also, I think I will switch over from CFL's to 1 600w LED on Sunday, maybe around 30" for now. Also I have not introduced any nutes yet. I figured they are in fresh soil so dont need any extra nutes at this time.

    I'll upload some pics so please guys any feedback is great.

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    dlftmyers Well-Known Member

    If you bought you're clones off of Craigslist make sure you check them for hitchhikers like spider mites
    Good luck on the grow
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    iPerculate Well-Known Member

    So far so good, will definitely keep an eye on that. Thanks
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    iPerculate Well-Known Member

    This morning I topped the plants. I also felt this to be a good time to introduce nutes. I have been looking many places but it seems the consensus seems to be 1/2 of the recommended dosage.

    In 1 Gallon;
    2ml GH Micro
    2.5ml GH Gro
    0.5ml GH Bloom
    1.25ml Rapidstart
    1ml CalMag
    ph to 6.7
    Distributed 1 gallon evenly over 4 plants.

    I have the humidifier on full blast in there. Temps between 73-76, Humidity 55-60%

    The light is supposed to be here tomorrow. Still havent seen any grow reports using these lights. Tomorrow I will put the new light over them, maybe post some more pics.

    Also, you can see in the pics, there are some brown spots appearing on some of the leaves as well as stems turning purple. Not very bad but enough to notice. Possibly some transplant shock? Should I prune these leaves?

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    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    23w sounds like the actual wattage, but if you look on the package they might have said 'equivalent of 100w of incandescent lighting' clearly in one place, and then flashed around "100w" without the clarification a few times.
    This goes on a lot in the cheap LED grow light scene.
    If you get a watt meter and plug your cheap unit in, you'll probably see it draws about 1/3rd the advertised wattage.

    Ah at least Amazon doesn't hide the actual wattage sneakily
    "actual Power Consumption 90-110W"
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    iPerculate Well-Known Member

    Yeah this is what I was worried about. The Mars 600w for example pulls 265w actual, and is almost double the price. This causes a lot of confusion. I was hoping 2 of these would be enough for a decent grow from 4 plants.
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    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    p.s That was the '1200w' unit I was looking at there, I found the '600w' unit and it's 90-110w :)

    iPerculate Well-Known Member

    After much thought, I decided that I will abandon the Recordcent lights and instead go with 2 Viparspectra 450W instead (200w actual each). It wont let me edit the first post, but I suppose this has turned into a 900w LED grow.. even though the new viparspectra lights would be stronger than the 1200 :???: Either way id rather not spend money on crap.

    The new lights will instead be here on Tuesday, will have to keep them under 1 CFL each until then. Not sure how long until it becomes unhealthy

    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    *400w :P

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