1600w grow (1000w DE & 600w SE)

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    I've never dealt with a SCROG of this size and I'm hoping I didn't shoot myself in the foot by making things too crazy. I have 3 fans hitting the canopy AND the air conditioner, so I don't see any mold/mildew problems rising, but man is this going to become a clusterfuck in short order xD

    The canopy is only 4ft wide instead of the 5ft I was shooting for, but the length is 7ft long instead of 6ft, so it barely balances out I suppose. Gonna be interesting to see where I'm at in another month.

    Anyway, as always guys, thanks for checking me out.
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, just started day 3 of 12/12 and here's where I'm at. Canopy on my Scrog seems to be growing a couple of inches a day, canopy measures 4-5 inches from the screen. Going to get interesting these next few weeks.








    Obviously this will be a somewhat biased comparison because the 6 plants on the vert aren't the same size, which will hinder the full potential of the light. I'm pretty much trying to decide what is going to give me the best yields in the fastest amount of time, then I'll incorporate it into the next grow. Seeming like the DE is going to really impress me though, I keep imagining if I had 4 plants instead of 3 in there, I would have been able to flower weeks ago. Live and learn.
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    Day 4 of 12/12 was yesterday, so I decided it was about time to give the girls their final hair cut.



    I really should have done this weeks ago, but with how the screen/plants are positioned it is incredibly uncomfortable on my back. I'm not even 30 years old yet and feel like my back gives me more problems than it should at this age, but that's likely just because of how I'm forced to bend with this set up. Eventually I plan on putting these screens on wheels so that I can turn/move them freely and access every single part of the plant without breaking my back.

    I did a pretty good job despite all of that though, there were only a handful of branches I had missed in my prior trimming, now it is for sure 100% bare below the screen with the exception of a few fan leaves I left. Seeing lots of new growth every day I walk in the room now.

    As some of you may have noticed with the last few photos, I've got some bug damage going on because of some fucking moths that found their way in the room. I've noticed one or two flying around, but a few days ago upon foliar feeding my girls I saw a good handful of them fly off from the AK Skunk plants specifically. Just got my Spinosad in the mail that I'll be spraying in conjunction with a neem/cayenne pepper solution tonight. That'll take care of all those fuckers in short order. I have a very special kind of hate for moths/caterpillars as a result of my experience with outdoor growing. I swear those fuckers have eaten/caused mold on pounds of meds in the time I've been doing outdoor. How much do I hate caterpillars? One time, they were so bad, fucking up pretty much every one of my top buds on my girls. I caught one and trapped it inside of a mason jar. Every time I found a caterpillar that I didn't cut in half with my Fiskars, or burn with a lighter/cigarette, I would catch it and put it in the Mason Jar that I affectionately referred to as Caterpillar Colosseum. The two caterpillars lived together just fine for a while.. until they started starving, I woke up one morning and there was only one caterpillar left in the Colosseum and it was much larger than before. For the next week, I'd catch caterpillars and feed it to the newly cannibalistic caterpillar. Had a steady two week diet of other caterpillars before I stopped feeding it. Fuck caterpillars. Seriously, fuck them.

    Aside from my moths though, I actually just learned about scale bugs. You know those little yellow/brown spots on stems that look like growth/tumors? I had always thought those were parts of the plant, not fucking scale bugs! I always thought scale bugs were fingernail sized and dark brown and ugly looking. Had no idea I've been growing with a fucking scale infection for the last two years of my growing hobby. Been doing this on and off for nearly a decade now and I'm still finding shit like this that is catching me off guard. I spent over an hour in the room scraping those fuckers off with my fingernails before hitting them with a homemade insecticide soap. My silica/seaweed foliar feeds help to fill in the gaps in terms of the stress they need help recovering from.

    tl;dr: I fucking hate bugs.
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    @kratos015 have you looked into Tricagama wasps? They will go after those caterpillars you are so fond of.

    Edit: You may need to plant some wildflowers to keep them around your grow

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Hahaha, you know I've never actually heard of them before. The next time I'm running an outdoor grow I'll be sure to keep them in mind. Fortunately the moths I have in my shed at the moment don't appear to be the same as the ones that are kind enough to drop those fuckers on my buds.

    Thanks for the tip @Seamuis!
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    @kratos015 You can deploy the wasps indoors, you just need some wildflowers in th grow room around you ladies, otherwise the wasps will not stick around. They are very small and will not harm you or household pets.

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    I’m loving your journal and your girls are looking amazing. Respect...& Thanks!
    But damn...the caterpillar torturing is a bit disturbing.

    BionicΩChronic Well-Known Member

    Survival of the fittest

    Catapillar Colosseum... U should have started a YouTube live feed out of it
    Or at least fight videos

    Inmates fight have spider battles in prison and bet in them. They raise them n get them big first lol
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    It totally is, I won't try and say otherwise. Wasn't something I always did, when I first started I just picked them off with my Fiskars and cut 'em in half. As the years went by though, I kept getting angrier and angrier. I had a year where literally every single one of my top buds was ruined because of those fuckers. You can't even salvage them at all, because the parts they eat (and then shit in) proceed to grow mold. I've lost pounds to those little fuckers over the years. Now that I know about Spinosad though, I'll be using that instead of the colosseum xD

    My dogs used to eat some of my buds too, but it was too adorable to even be mad about it for more than a second. And they went for the bottom buds anyway, haha.

    You know, in hindsight, a time lapse would have been pretty intense. Like some kind of National Geographic video or something. Even the calmest grower loses their shit when caterpillars are involved.

    Today marks day 16 of 12/12 and they're starting to bud pretty hard now. Been super ass busy with my new job so I haven't had much time to update or take photos. I'll snap a couple of photos tonight when I go and take care of them.

    Thanks for checking me out guys.
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    Sorry I can't post much of an update for you guys, really strapped for time lately. I'm in day 24, over a week after I said I would get photos. I took these yesterday, day 23. I'll post more when I have the time, meanwhile thanks for checking me out!


    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    What's up guys?

    Finally got a moment to elaborate further on my last post/situation.

    I've only been getting like one day off for the last few weeks since starting my last job, so while the pay has been awesome, I find myself with little time after all is said and done. I'm just thankful that all I need to do is water them and wait at this point.

    These are easily the biggest and best plants I've ever had indoors though, and it isn't even a contest. Day 25 is today and they are already starting to stink and get sticky. I usually don't get resin, terpenes, and bud production like this until around week 4, and seeing as I'm still in the middle of week 3 I am quite impressed. All 4 of the strains I'm running have distinct smells to them already and the buds are looking quite good so far. The Mendo Purps smells of sweet grapes, the Jack the Ripper has that sweet Haze smell to it that I love so much, AK Skunk of course smells skunky, and the OG Ghost Train Haze #1 has an offensive OG stink to it.

    I'm stoked on the potential yields though. The Mendo Purp plants are twice the size of the plants I did in my last SCROG grow. They're 2x4 sqft at around 2 ft tall. I'm expecting near, if not over a pound from each of them. But time will tell.

    The vertical grow side is impressing me as well. The AK Skunk plants are enormous and have me really putting some thought into vertical growing, they are damn near 4ft tall measuring from the base of the plant and wide as fuck. The last time I had plants that size was outdoors, and they pulled 12+ ounces easy. I doubt I'll get that, but I'm almost not sure at this point. Vertical growing is absolutely impressing the shit out of me right now. The only reason I'm not 100% sold on it is because it doesn't have the enhanced spectrum and efficiency that comes with a DE bulb. I'm trying to find a way to brainstorm a method of vertical growing with DE lights, but as of now I have no ideas.

    As of now though, I'm going to go ahead and say that my little experiment is inconclusive and the results for both sides will be a bit skewed. I'm not growing 100% efficiently on either side, mainly taking advantage of the light both sides are providing me. The only way that the use of light is 100% optimal on either side is as follows;

    1) The 600w side. Looking at the AK Skunk plants, it seems like I could fit 6 of them around that one light. Not only that, the AK Skunks could have grown to be another foot tall and I still would have been fine. So until I get myself six 5ft tall plants around the 600w bulb, it's hard for me to truly gauge what vertical growing is fully capable of.

    2) The 1000w DE side also isn't at 100% efficiency. I could have grown the canopy to be 4ft tall instead of 2, but it was just asking way too much from 3 plants. If I had 4 plants then I could have let them grow upward weeks ago and had the canopy I was shooting for.

    So, even though this grow is looking amazing to me thus far, it still isn't 100% just yet.

    This is why I harp on about the importance of knowing your strain. I had a rough idea of how all of these strains would grow, but not 100%. In the future, I'll be making a few tweaks to my plant counts and sizes in an effort to finally maximize things. I refuse to expand any more until I'm able to maximize what it is that I already have. Electricity here is WAY more pricey than it was in California, so if you can't get 100% out of one or two lights you'll go broke trying to run more than that.

    On my next grow, I'll be making an attempt to take full advantage of the 600w SE vertical grow and the 1000w DE light in an effort to completely maximize things. Once I determine which is better, I'll proceed to outfit my shed accordingly. You should have seen me the first time I did this without the vertical growing and/or DE lights. 4400w and my yields were average. Wouldn't have been that big of a deal if my electric bills weren't $900 in veg and $700+ in flower.
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    damn... not getting notifications for this thread for some reason... oh well! Looking good. will catch up later though, studying for exams and what not... the end of the semester is near, and they sure know how to pile shit on students... ridiculous.

    vertnugs Well-Known Member

    Lookin good.

    I'd suggest bringing your plants into a little bit of a smaller circle around the 600.Close the gaps between your plants,trap that light inside of your circle.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Oh damn, for sure. I'll do that the next time I go in there tonight, not sure why I never thought of that. I very much appreciate the advice and have to say that I am beyond impressed with vertical growing thus far.

    I also just recently discovered someone that makes a vertical fixture for DE bulbs, so now I'm kind of conflicted as to whether I want to start growing veritcally with DE or not. Seems like vertical growing is superior to horizontal growing in just about every way so now I'm thinking about grabbing a couple of vertical DE fixtures and running those instead from now on.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    I have that happen to me as well, sometimes I have no idea a thread is getting replies until I check it out again. The sub/notification feature on here appears to be hit and miss. Totally understand being busy though, pretty much doing nothing but working as of late so I have little time as well. Makes me even more thankful for the simplicity involved with living soil.
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Today marks day 46 of 12/12, apologies for the lack of photos lately as I've been super busy. I'll be off sometime later this week and will post some photos up when I can, the ladies are starting to really swell up nicely and the scents they all have are marvelous. I'll update with more asap

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Sorry again for the delay in photos, here's where I'm at now. Today marks day 52, however these photos were taken a few days ago at day 50 or so.







    Branches are starting to topple over and the buds are starting to really pack on weight. By my estimates I have a week or so left, two at the absolute max. I'll likely kill the lights in another week or so and let the plants stay in the dark for 2-3 days before finally harvesting, looking like it's gonna be a pretty good haul.
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Shut the lights off today, I'll be chopping them within the next 3-4 days and then the dry/cure. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for allowing me to post pics with my comments in your thread. I have never done a true SCrog but I do use a lot of LST and SC in my horizontal grows.

    Nice work, love your vert and your SCrog is great.
    I normally grow vertical, but due to issues my last couple of grows have been horizontal.

    I grow vertical with stacked 315's, 5 plant, LSD, attached to screens in a 4 x 4. 24.5 zips off 4 plants.
    One of the 5. Check out my vert journal. 20180110_081808 (2).jpg
    5 plant, only harvested 4 for smoke/oil.
    20180326_205745 (2).jpg
    And my current grow is also a clone of the LSD, she is a Monster Cropper that I took a clone from her mother at day 33 of flower, re vegged and now she is at day now she is at day 33 of flower.
    20180601_091103 (2).jpg

    Not going to take any clones from her as I have grown her three times in a row and want to do for my next grow, Big Buddha Seeds "Cheese". I work with a group of vets, give them clones, help them with their grows, so I can get clones back from them if I want to grow her again, also have 5 seeds left from the batch I bought.

    I make FECO and when I make the oil I keep half of the total and with each grow using different strains it makes for very good medicine.


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