20 days clean, piss test inc. Looking for reassurance.

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    Hey everyone, I have a drug test coming up in the next week or so and my anxiety has been getting the best of me. Been clean since March 20 and my stats are 5'11 @ 150lbs. Very good metabolism (I had to eat 3500 calories a day with my job to maintain weight) and have been working out pretty regularly. Problem is I use to smoke a lot, and this year has been a lot of concintraits, I'd say about a half oz a week( of bud) for the last year, 9 years total smoke time.

    There is a smoker in the house so every now and then I get a whiff but I run to the window to get fresh air ahah. I took a home test (pic included) mid day with average water intake and it had a very faint pass line. I plan to do the whole semi dilute with vitamins c to get the yellow but I still cant help read the " over 30 days and still failed" threads.

    Just need a little support if there is any to be had (free hugs)

    Thanks fam

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    good luck
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    Got the call today to book my test. 9am on Thursday so I'll have about 23 days of sobriety. FUCK I should be able to sue over this level of anxiety! Haha Jk
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    Picture of test strip from first void this morning. Very very very faint line but something is clearly there. Bought creatine supplements last night and plannin on getting some electrolyte supplements today. I really want to go work out right now to relieve the stress but I dont want to mess up my test results so I'm just taking this time to bulk.

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    Bought a 15ng test today and it's the same thing, I THINk I see a line but it's so faint that I dont know, and did my pre run dilution test. Also bought some electrolytes for tomorrow. Been eating like a pig today to try and put on some fat too. Any little bit counts

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    I PASsed!!!

    But not without some worry so I'd like to give some advice to anyone in this situation

    1)trust your test runs!! This morning I felt a little worried so I actually upped my water intake from 500ml to 650ml/hour which lead to problem 2

    2)dont take too much b vitamins! My first voids of the morning were a lot clearer then I wanted them to be so upped my b vitamins. When I handed the lady the cup the first thing she commented on was how bright it was. So that lead her to do a creatine test and specific gravity ( my sg was good because of the electrolyte powder) but my creatine level was really high (I didnt test that at home so I just started taking it incase)

    So she says ok I'd like to retest you, please drink 4 cups of this water and take a seat, itle be about an hour. Needless to say I was shitting balls but the entire time I played it cool, I even asked her what everything ment like I hadn't been researching the shot out of drug tests for the last 20 days.

    So she gets me to pee in a new cup and as soon as she sees how bright it is again she's like "oh it's just your body".

    Another thing that I think helped me was the first void I did at the clinic I actually pinched off a bit early, at the time I was like "I dont want her to hear how much I'm pissing in case she's like why do you have so much in your bladder" the reason I think this helped is because I still had some of the diluted urine in my bladder from the morning on top of the 4 little cups she gave me.

    Check out profofpots rundown that's the one I used. Gl to anyone in my situation..

    Thanks all
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    I had a similar situation.

    I just drank a ton of water the day of the test, ate plenty of protein the 2 days leading up to it, and took some centrum or I think it was Emergen-C - one of those...

    but shit I had sort of the same deal where I was just 13 days clean or something and I passed a piss test just drinking a ton of water and taking multivitamins.

    I don't know if I got lucky or what... but if I had to do the same thing again today - I'd drink the 2 gallons of water by 10am again... why the hell not it worked once.....

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    Damn must be nice to have high metabolism. Took me like 6 weeks to pass with dilution.
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    Yeah it's nice for stuff like this but for things like putting on mass while working out it's such a pain in the ass / expensive. Also it's rough on your liver and kidneys eating every hour or two.

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    Lol. I guess I’ll find out. Just started StrongLifts 5x5 today. Haven’t lifted in 8 years. Hope i can stick to it and not let an injury throw me off again.

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    Drink some alcohol. It breaks down the THC in your system. Just don't toke up after you get drunk.

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    Why don't people use quick fix?
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