2017 World Medical Marijuana Conference and Expo

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    This year the industry has taken its greatest major step in spreading medical marijuana knowledge and resources.

    The World Medical Marijuana Conference is for:
    Doctors- 22.5 Credit CME course... if you're a real medical professional you know what that is and know that this conference will be way more enjoyable than some of the other conferences you have to attend! :)
    Also a great place for doctors to learn how to transition their practice to start accepting medical marijuana patients, or add to their existing patient base.
    Patients- or potential patients, its a great place to get to interact with real doctors and state politicians to learn the actual rules policies and procedures from the actual experts.
    Businesses- From Dispensaries, to wholesale companies, to processors, consultants, locksmiths and everyone in between, there will be opportunities to network with companies that can fuel your growth and companies that want to purchase your products or services.
    Start Ups and Entrepreneurs- The entire industry will be well represented here, time to make your move!

    2017 World Medical Marijuana
    Conference and Expo
    Official Website:
    Opportunities for Doctors, Nurses, Patients, B2B Networking, CME Credits &
    Discount Ticket Options
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/403087863413876/ main.jpg

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