2021 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers


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Given our distance delta, we’ll have to figure out the anonymity and compare notes real time... sometime! :hump: I appreciate all you’ve shared in this my first years outdoor grow given my newby status. I know your evaluating indoor perspectives, if I can assist in any way during the outdoor off season let me know.;-)


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New England ‘gon New England, I guess…

Change of Plans! Pulling top half of my early blueberry NOW. Couple small areas of rot main cola cut out and sprayed and now cutting rest down. She is ready enough, not getting greedy here.
Did something similar last year with one of my plants - cut the cola ends that were getting rot down and gave the rest another ten days to plump up a bit more. Can’t tell the difference between them consumption-wise. Hey, maybe I’ll do that with the cross this time. I do want her to have a few cool nights under her belt and the week ahead shows nights in the 50s, so still going to try to hang in until next Friday.


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Still looking for that peroxide mix...
Is it 4:1. ??


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Not much better here in Maine since Thursday--humid as hell with the wind blowing in moisture off the Gulf of Maine the whole time, morning fog, overcast (although we had some sun and a breeze part of the day Thursday and a little bit yesterday), last night it dumped 2 inches, then fog this morning, started to clear off but now it's drizzling again with probably more fog and rain tonight. If it doesn't clear up with a drying breeze tomorrow I'm going to start having some serious problems. Found 3 spots of bud rod on the Chinook Haze this morning--just suddenly overnight. That's the only plant showing rot at this point (knock on wood) but if we don't get a break from all this dampness it's not going to be pretty.


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So the plant I have that's starting to rot is one of my seed plants. I remove the rot I remove the seeds.
So since I'm not interested in the flower, should I isolate it a little more and just llet it go? Seeds are a hard shelled spore and need to reach that hard shell condition.