2200 Watts and a couple bottles of CO2


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Well it’s day 21 since flip, 1.4 was too hot so I backed off to about 1 at the beginning of the week. Day 18 they decided 1 was too much or the res expired. Anyways, little burnt tip, did a res change last night. Feeds backed off to .8 now. Here’s some pics.

It begins, glad to see some leaf tric already.


Group shot


Can see my burnt tips here, odd claw here and there.


Happy root ball, hanging out during water change. It ain’t fitting in a bucket.



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Day 30, running 1700w hid and the side lights this past week. EC is wayyyy down, backed off co2. Had a root plug issue that fucked with 2 of my plants, week later they seem ok. Took awhile to get here, just want this run to be over honestly.

Possibly my last HID run.

Blue power icing up, haven’t researched this strain much but ones been a bit finicky

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