“$5” Samsung inFlux L09 + GG4

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Pic heavy

- Gorilla Glue #4 clones

- 3x3 lighthouse 2.0 tent

- 8x 3000k Samsung L09 strips powered by HLG-320H driver
- 3x Horti Lighting Group (HLG) QB18 V2 strips powered by HLG-100-24H driver
- 4x Opulent America’s Luminus Horticulture Starboards. (2x 365nm, 2x 385nm) powered by Recom driver @ full 12hrs
- 1x UVC/UVB tube @ 5min middle of lights on

- 4 plants. Drip fed coco/perlite. 3 gallon fabric pots. 10- 15 gallons a week @ 2.0-2.4 ec or 1000-1200ppm

Dry nutrients:
- Plantprod Hydroveg base
- calcium nitrate
- KNO3
- magnesium sulphate

any questions or comments about this grow or these lights please hail me in the Samsung 5 dollar strip builds thread in the LED section
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Wk 4

Im not sure why the pistols have oranged up in the third week. Seems pretty unusual. I’ve never grown this cut before and I’ve never used LED before either. It could be the strain or how it reacts under this light. It could be the UV I’m using. Worst case scenario, they could have been pollinated by someone else’s grow that is close by. I do not feel seeds and I have scoured for hermies and have not found any. It could also be nutrient burn as I did give them a feed in wk 2 @ 1300ppm to see if they’d take it. I have since dialed back to 1000-1200.
I have been fighting powdery mildew with these cuts from the beginning. Every time I think I’ve won it returns. So it’s been an on going fight. I am using a mild mixture of milk and baking soda as to not put chems on flower. So far it’s just a maintenance ritual. Humidity is ranging from 45-65. No room for a dehumidifier. Going to put ‘Dry Z Air’ unit in today.

Other than that everything is going well. This thread is neither to show off genetics or skill sets but to give the reader an idea of how these Samsung strips perform in flower.

Ok. Hopefully I can get to the end of this grow with no major issues & we can see the results.