5 weeks in flower leaves dying

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Bait head, Mar 18, 2017.

    Bait head

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    hi everybody I hope someone can help me I am currently in week 5 of flower on some big buhdda blue cheese I have three of these plants but one is having a problem with leaves yellowing and going brown in places and eventually dying off but the other too are super healthy this seems to be happening in the middle of the plant mostly I have done some reading and got so many different answers as in nitrogen or calcium defiancy or ph to hot I'm just hoping someone could give me a difinitive answer on here as I don't want to end up losing all the leafs and affect the bud production thanks all

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    lio lacidem

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    Hive us some more info on your grow.
    medium type
    nutes used and how often
    How often watered
    temps and rh
    size pots
    harris hawk

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    go to "groweedeasy.com/plant problems great pictures of.plant issues
    Bait head

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    They are all under 600w hps dual spectrum bulbs and potted in plagron light mix soil running all plagron nutes they are currently on the green sensation and terra bloom and they get watered every 4 days when pots dry out temps are 23 at night and 26 lights on and the RH is around 50% and in 25 litre pots hope this helps thanks for the response

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    few leaves dying as flower is ending,,,, geesh, I would hope so, look outside at the end of garden season
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    PCXV Well-Known Member

    Any pests? I deal with fungus gnats and the larva will eat at your roots causing deficiencies. Your other leaves like nice and green, so it could be the plant just doing it's thing discarding leaves late in flower.

    tpc_mikey Well-Known Member

    It is normal to have the yellowing leaves late in flower be nice to see a picture of the entire plant not just the yellow leaves

    polishpollack Well-Known Member

    It's true that this plant is the type that only lives 12 months or less. This is called and "annual" type of plant. Those that live longer are called "perennials." The leaves will turn yellow late in flower as the plants die after large bud production. We really need to see more of the plants and we also need to know if you're giving fertilizer every time you water. I'm guessing that you are. Don't just look at the yellowing, but also look at the other leaves. These appear dark green which usually means over ferting. At the risk of using my "go to" explanation for why your leaves are dying and getting criticized for it, I'm going to say you have ferted too much over time. You don't want to over fert in soil as the fert tends to stay in soil, so you have to take be careful how much you give in one shot and how often you feed them. If you're giving fert every time you water, I'd say you've over done it. Even if you don't fert every watering, I'm still going to say you've over done it because you have dark green leaves and it's just a matter of time before the rest start turning yellow. One thing we need to see is the bud production. If you have small bud production despite 5 weeks of flower, it's probably because you've over done the ferts and made your soil pH too low as a result. So more pics are needed and also whether you fert with every watering. I'm willing to say I could be wrong, but based on what you've given so far this is how it looks.

    BuD_DizZLe Member

    If your nutes drop N during flowering formula then you tend to get alot of yellowing towards end, this is as the plant turns to its own N stocks.
    Final Phase

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    If you're growing in pots drill some more holes to open up draining better just in case that one plant is clogged up... Poor drainage brings fungus which brings fungus gnats... Fungus gnats tend to eat the plant from bottom up... so that's probably not your problem...

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