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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Yep, was thinking the same thing. I'll check the temp difference today.

    Tkanks mate. I actually started reading Your Secret Garden thread yesterday :) Amazing work and beautifull photos.
    Will be getting a new camera soon so hope to bump the quality of mine soon.

    I'm bummed a bit that the plants didn't fill all the vert space. About 1/4 or even 1/3 wont be used :( . Next time I'll try to put 8 plants in maybe in smaller pots as I dont think those got fully filled with roots. At least it doesn't look like that when I stick my finger in the top of the pot.
    Next size down for air pots is 12,5L , would that be big enough for 3-4 weeks veg ?
    Rocket Soul

    Rocket Soul Well-Known Member

    So if i get your setup right, its all side lighting? I checked fotos but im not completly sure

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    All side lighting. 2 bars in the middle are straight and the outside ones (top and bottom) tilted in about 30*+ .

    Just measured the temp difference of top and bottom. Came out only 0.5*C
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    Rocket Soul

    Rocket Soul Well-Known Member

    I had another look at the first few pics and now i get it: its front lighting. Thought the bars where part of the shelves at first. Very nice setup. I thought of doing something similar with the qb120s as they give very diffused light.

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Update time :)

    Day 30 from flip.

    It is cold ! Winter starting to settle in here. Only 22*C in the tent :shock:
    New pump for the light arrived today so I've changed that. The reason for it was that old one (Jecod DCTS3000) had a controller which not always fliped the pump on when the light started. I had to do it manually in the evening and morning. Very annoying!!! :cuss: I've purchased Jecod AC2500. Very similar pump (low wattage) but without the stupid controller. Don't ever buy anything with the remote for the tent. K.I.S.S. . Simple works :)
    One of the plants started to show some slight deficiencies, but I got it all sorted. Flushed the pot and changed res.

    There was tiniest tip burns on all the plants so I've lowered PPM to 1350 and PH sits @5.9
    Ladies started to showing lil bit of frost. Will have to do some leave trimming to allow for air flow in that jungle.

    Couple snaps from today.
    20171113_164357.jpg 20171113_164435-5591x2091.jpg 20171113_164451.jpg 20171113_164410.jpg 20171113_164001.jpg 20171113_164015.jpg 20171113_164145.jpg 20171113_164327-6177x2107.jpg 20171113_164126.jpg 20171113_164213.jpg

    Anyone using LUX meter app ?
    LUX / 69 = PPFD ?

    If so , mine sits somewhere @725 PPFD when set up @630W . Still plenty left to crank it up but with that carbon filter inside it's burning the plants. I'm thinking to make an extension above the tent just for the CF and radiator to make more space inside.
    Unless someone knows a good tent with approx diamensions 1500x800x2000+ ?? Secret Jardin has one model that is 1500x900x2000 and that would give me 10cm extra space but I am still on a look out for better solution.
    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate :)

    Thats what I'm planning. To do an sort of extension above the tent just for the filter and radiator box.

    Did some leave cleaning and branch rearranging today. This way was able to have more flat plane and further away from the lights. By doing this I was able to bump the light to 800W and temperature to 25.5*C . Perfecto!
    Will monitor for the any leave burn and bleaching. I'm shooting for flat and relaxed leaves, not in praying pose.
    Love the dimming option :bigjoint:

    20171114_194453.jpg 20171114_164226.jpg 20171114_165254.jpg 20171114_165112.jpg
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    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    Yeah, moving the filter and fan out of the tent - if possible - would free up a lot of room and solve your problems.
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    dannykay Well-Known Member

    Mate, your setup is insane, that's some super slick spacecraft you've got there, and seems that the plants are loving it, great job.

    Any chance that you have a link to the multimeter display that you connected there? I can't seem to find online one that supports more than 100v.

    Oh, and your water cooling rig got me excited for a new project :)

    Best of luck
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Thanks Brother.

    For display type that on ebay:
    AC 80-260V LCD Digital 20A Volt
    Mine is connected to line IN. Theres no cheap ones that can handle 480V on line out.
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    PDX Joe

    PDX Joe Well-Known Member

    Yes, indeed. I had this problem with a wicking system and hydro. I like SIPs with plain water for this reason.
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    PDX Joe

    PDX Joe Well-Known Member

    The other thing I found annoying trying the TD Silent inline fans is they don't draw air like the centrifugal fans, especially when using a carbon filter. Centrifugal fans also do better than the inlines when you have bends in the ductwork.

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    nice setup. outside the box ideas are great. ladies are looking good.
    You could duct from air filter to radiator outside tent on with water connections and such back to res and filter could stay inside tent fan outside.

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    They are most likely better but definitely louder. TD is staying. It stall have more then enough power to suck the air out even with all the ducting not in straight line. Far from it really.

    Thanks mate.
    You lost me there a lil bit. Fan is already outside.

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Please tell me it's not what I think it is... :wall:

    And if it is, what are my options? Cut them out ?
    20171117_154008.jpg 20171117_154101.jpg 20171117_154126.jpg 20171117_154149.jpg 20171117_154328.jpg 20171117_154536.jpg
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Just pistols from preflowers they sometimes have miniseed in, break one off and break it open, just the two ones with the brown hairs.
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    One had nothing inside other one had white seed.
    So I shouldn't be worried about it ?
    Its the second time I'm seeing it. First time was hermie possitive.

    dannykay Well-Known Member


    dannykay Well-Known Member

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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I was starting to get worried. You know how it can be sometimes.

    Great pic @dannykay . I'm saving that one for future recerence.
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