6 week veg, 2gal vs 3gal pots... which size?


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Hello all... I'm in the process of planning out a new setup. Pure canna coco, drip irrigation with multiple feeds per day.

I'm running Gavita 1k's with 9 plants per light under an approx. 4'x6' footprint.

I'm set on either 2 or 3 gallon pots but not sure which of the two sizes to go with. I plan to veg for 6 weeks from rooted clone.

My gut is telling me to stick with 3gal but i've seen to many getting amazing results in 2gal but those guys aren't vegging as long as I am.

Any feedback is much appreciated... thank you!


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Using a small pot size will force your plants to be small because the roots have nowhere to grow. Six weeks veg in a 2 gallon pot just doesn't make any sense. Personally i'd scrog that out, use the bigger pot, and flip to flower once the canopy was full and they are healthy looking, i likely would have gone with 6 plants in that space tho not 9, but we all have our own methods.

I let my plants tell me when to flip them, not the other way around.