"Accidental re-veg" a story with a good ending

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Jon E. Doe, Aug 28, 2017.

    Jon E. Doe

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    Last grow was a couple of silver widow fems that turned out good for me. They weren't heavy, but stayed healthy and pushed out roughly 2.5-3 zips each. I choped each one in stages over the course of a week, until the main trunk was reduced to 6-7 two inch stubs as I whacked away.

    Well, an emergency after the last chop forced me to just stuff everything except my harvest back into the grow space for about 2 weeks while I handled a funeral. Apparently I must've bumped something and kicked my lights back on to 24/0 as I was cramming everything in.

    I went back to start cleaning and discovered a 2ft bush. It is thick as all get out. It has 6 good solid colas and since flip has just been stacking on the weight. I would likely have not tried to reveg, but this pleasant accident confirms what I've read about it.

    Honestly, if I tried to do it on purpose, I'd likely fuck it up.

    I suppose Mother Nature always finds a way.
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    That's cool.
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    Jon E. Doe

    Jon E. Doe Well-Known Member

    Yeah man, it's pretty cool. I'm kind of a basic grower so it's been interesting to see how different the plant looks this time compared to last. Neat stuff for sure.
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