Advantage V. disadvantage CFL's

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    Got damn that area looks fucking hot lol... Looks like some deficiencies/lock-outs. Start your own thread and im sure people will help out

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    Lucky Luke

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    Exaggeration doesnt go well in text form sometimes...

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    Tis 972 watts

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    Buddy those reflectors are a serious fire hazard :( . The ballasts on CFLs are right at the socket and get hot as hell, they specifically warn against using with that type of reflector, as do the actual reflector companies ( the last one I bought new said right on it NO CFLs ) . try to rig up something to get air on the ballasts, like this cheapo rig I built for projects

    PICT0011.JPG It's just a $1 store turkey tray with a T and 2 Ys. I also cut out the tops of the trays right above the bulbs so air can move up over them and out the top of the tent...

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    advantages: you might have some laying around and they have a little bit of UV
    disadvantage: toxic mercury when you break one and the fact that they are 80-90 lm/W for a year or so vs the $5 led bulbs that are 100-120 lm/W and last 10+ years
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    This is only my second grow so not the best. I'm doing a 500wt cfl grow.. I'm pretty happy with what they have done considering they use 5p an hour...

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    70-72 lm/w if they're 23 watt CFLs
    60 lm/w if they're those high power CFLs that draw 100-300 watt.
    +they require a reflector >> reflector losses.

    Any decent LED bulb should be able to get 90 lm/w with the diffuser popped off.

    CFL should be dead tech.

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    CFL should be dead tech.[/QUOTE]

    Everyone has different growing styles and preferences... For a newbie grower, CFL's are very safe and easy to use... Or if your just into making hash! I Just harvested 4 1/2 oz of two plants in a very small tent! The buds are lovely considering its my 2nd attempt at producing.... peace.

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    Preferences like inferior efficiency?

    How are they safer than LED bulbs?
    They run hotter and contain mercury.

    LED bulbs have become cheap (very cheap in states where they're subsidized harder) and are a lot more efficient.

    And I'm not talking about COBs or any other expensive shit.
    I'm talking about regular philips and ecosmart bulbs.

    Entry costs of a grow with LED bulbs is low, and you can actually achieve 1g/w with it unlike CFL.
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    the cfl's are more versatile then the LED bulbs.
    good luck on a vertical grow with those. it also rules out the basic Y splitter and if you try a better adjustable base multi splitter it kills you on room.
    I do use a corn bulb led and two just 40-50 watt ones cost the same as a mars hydro 300
    the other types just don't work in my space
    so its all just like the growing part, different methods that all do the same thing.
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    If you have the space to go vertical a HPS is way better than a CFL anyway.
    "heat" isn't an argument as HPS is more efficient.

    Also if you keep the diffuser on you can use them just like your CFLs (Y splitter, horizontal orientation etc.), there are already plenty of LED bulbs that are 100 lm/w, which is 40% more efficient than any CFL.

    Yes, a real size issue.
    Pic is from Blynx on ICmag 8x10 watt (800 lumen per lamp) achieves 1g/w (80 gram) with his set up.
    Has replaced his CFLs with LEDs after testing a 1-2 years ago or so.
    You don't need much space for a nice grow.
    To get 80 gram dry with CFL you need at least 150 watt, which takes up space too.

    And as I've said, you don't need to remove the diffuser if your space requires them to be in different orientations.
    Besides, many leds tend to be as short as CFLs are wide.
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    slapmehard Member

    first off ...nice grow man

    I look at it like this
    you have 8 sockets I could do that grow with just two and two splitters on 26w and 40w cfl's

    not even a 150 hps would work in my loft I would lose too many lumens with the distance I would need for the strain I grow.
    in my case I have a 2x2 and 3.3 feet of growing height
    so its tight and I want to make it worth my while but really have to keep it on the down low, non legal state I don't need them to take my fucking house.
    so I needed something that's fairly easy decent smoke and something that don't smell like skunk but sweet smelling or fuel like is ok.
    so I got a clone from a friend that fits it perfect

    its 150 worth of cfl's and 1 30w corn bulb led
    hard access really sucked it really took care of itself but daily moving of the lights is a must I was able to put a cfl in the middle with no issues

    this was about week 7million most was 11 1/3 went 12-13 lol it got a wee bit chilly

    and yes burned from the led my bad


    poor girl I kept breaking her

    I don't weigh but damn I had a lot

    20161215_160505.jpg 20161215_100725.jpg

    I left the stuff inside to ripen was pretty decent
    so...... it all works you just have to work it best for each grower its not all cookie cut and dry
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    I don't think 2x2 with almost a meter in height is that tight.
    But it's a learning curve, after a while using smaller amounts of space becomes easier as you learn new tricks.

    Would be enough space for 2 of these bad boys, they're only 7-8 dollar each.
    Quite an amount of light.

    slapmehard Member

    yeah I see those but its too much light in one area and I prefer even coverage but you can use 3 bulb don't have to fill it.

    2x2 is pushing it but I got lucky and can sink my 5g planter down so that dont hurt me.
    I think I have to fill the walls with those cheap thin panels
    maybe? nah cfls work for me I guess.

    frica Well-Known Member

    Too much light in one area?

    Coverage would be about as even as you can get with any normal led lamp.
    What makes you think that the coverage would be uneven?

    It's easy to make incandescents work and grow weed with it.
    Few halogen spots, 300 watt in a 2x2 area. 40 gram dry or so.

    That also works, doesn't make it extremely inefficient.

    slapmehard Member

    halogen? I'd have the best stems around lol even so it would hurt me at least half a meter so my clones I would start flower at 10 inches ?

    I like better penetration with close clf its the trick to make it work.

    ok anyway bro hope the grow smokes as good as you got it gtg
    happy new year

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