Aeroponic cloning- trying to reach 100% success

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    I just recently built a aeroponic cloner using a 35 gallon tote and a ecoplus 633 submersible pump and 25 360 degree sprayer heads. I see where some guys gets these monster roots that look like a full head of platinum white hair. I've used a bubble cloner for years and never have been able to get the 80s hairband like roots. I've always got mediocre roots. Now I've been using my new cloner for about 2 weeks now and I have some decent roots but nothing to take pics of. I've been using hth poolshock to help keep my res clean ever since I've been cloning. Basically it's clear res. I've read to change the res every 3 days to get monster roots but I see guy who don't change the res and still get monster roots. I don't know my exact res temp but I can say it's never gets over 75. I'm thinking around 65 to 70. From what I know dissolved oxygen is greater in colder water. What can I do to get some huge roots. If you are a clone king in the aeroponic world then please post some pics and tell what your solution mixture is. I can gets roots just not the massive ones. I want monster roots.

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    I use a clone king cloner, DIY lid.
    pump 24/7, T5 lights, about 18" above, 18/6.
    Tap water works well, I do use 5 mil both , KLN & Pro Tekt per 3gal rez.
    Iv never needed pool shock. Iv changed water @ 7 days (usually go 14days total)
    I clean with H2O2. This is what works for me, good luck. IMG_1776.jpg IMG_5425 (1).jpg IMG_5433.jpg IMG_5435 (1).jpg
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    Those are freaking awesome roots. Thank you for the post and pics. Happy growing to you.

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    dude quit bitching and just stick them in the cloner. All strians are different its a plant and will figure itself out. quit over thinking things. you are already on the right track doing aero. peace

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    Can you use this Clones also in expanded clay or just in Aero Systems??


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    U mean after they root? You can transplant them into any medium.

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    i read about bubblers and cloners- and most books say- the clones get water roots- its very hard to transplant to coco or soil!

    Sorry for my Bad english- i m from europe-- but US Have the better forums!

    thanks for help!

    westcoast420 Well-Known Member

    Never heard of that before! Roots are roots, never had an issue putting them in dirt or coco or any medium.

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    Transition from one medium to another can cost you some time as the roots adapt/restructure
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    Hey Dude- works great- i use 6 days tap water with root stimulator (changed every day) - now i have little roots!


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