Alibaba 240w QB

Star Dog

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So u can have 4 different speeds, one at each set degree?
Yes I've got 3 preset taps taken at 9, 12 and 15w + 1 off position.
When the tent gets above 25c + hysteresis the relay kicks in with the dial speed, when it goes below 25c the 9/12 or 15w tap takes over and keeps the fan rolling, I've got to select the 9/12/15w setting.

There's also a hysteresis setting to let it raise x amount above the selected temperature.

I've another twin dual relay that heats between x to y on one side and cools x to y on the other side, so basically you can switch anything on/off at whatever temperature you want, with as much or as little hysteresis as you select, either relay coupled with a variac they makes an awesome environment controller for cheap.