Amassing weed to sell once legal?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by PlugInGass, Mar 10, 2017.

    hellmutt bones

    hellmutt bones Well-Known Member

    Illinois medicinal depends on strain but its going now for 350-450 an oz with a medical card.

    Black market is 250 -320.. so will it get cheaper as time goes on?? I doubt it.

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    So the plan is to stock pile inventory for when the price goes down ....sounds like a great business plan .....I understand selling it is illegal ,,but amassing huge quantities while it's still illegal ,,somehow seems like an equally bad idea. If not worse simply because if it's not stored correctly and this legal thing takes years your screwed ......I don't sell pot personally ...I have a normal boring job working on my families farms and cattle ranches .....I grow for hobby, personal use and gift it to some handicap people and others with cancer .......seeing these people I consider good friends being able to get relief and a lil better quality of life is payment enough for me I enjoy growing super dank and giving awesome medicine to people who truly need it ......that were buying schwagg shit weed from clubs and wana be gangster drug dealers ,,,for absurd amounts of money ......pissed me off to see sick people getting fucked over because they were just normal people without any connects and had to pay assholes prices because they didn't have any other options .......people who take advantage of others need a solid dick punch ....people who take advantage of others who are sick and sometimes poor because of it ....deserve a double dick punch .......but taking money out of there pockets and putting it back into the sick people's pockets by giving them there medicine free,,works well to .........I had a friend with cancer who unfortunately passed away last summer ...who had a little boy and was literally able to finally buy herself a car because I was giving her medicine free ....I realize some people grow to make money ,but that's still no excuse to charge crazy ass prices just because they know the person has no other option ......smh
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    You would be amazed by all of the regulations, that are put in place, to legally sell weed, in a rec state.
    If you grow a bunch of weed and stockpile it, you will most likely not be able to sell your product to the dispensaries, legally.
    If you have the money and the board approves you a license then you can get started.
    My state tracks that shit with a # from seed to sale and the whole grow has to be monitored by video.

    tstick Well-Known Member

    I had been hoping that one day we could all see a "Framer's Market" type of situation wherein anyone could set up a stand and sell their cannabis-products...but it ain't lookin' to be happening anytime soon...

    BUT...IN THEORY....IF I was going to try and stockpile anything like that, I would process the stockpile of weed into pressed bubble hash and/or rosin....some type of concentrate that can actually improve with age (a la Frenchy Cannoli technique for making/curing/storing bubble hash)...

    ...Or just rosin pressing with something like an Elysian press -that can process larger amounts of product...And then I would probably try to put a bunch of it away packed in vacuum-sealed, nitrogen-injected jars or some other type of similar container...Maybe bury them and either use the stockpile, myself, over time, if there is a big crackdown on cannabis...Or, if and when it becomes legal, then I would probably try to sell it under some kind of "unearthed treasure hash" type of gimmick! ;)
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    CaliSmokes Well-Known Member

    Not a single bud picture of this 60 an oz ? I live in a legal state. Haven't seen any 6oz except shit quality. Just wanted to see this 60 an O-Oregrown dank...
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    Nope. I dont ;)
    Believe or dont i dont care means fuck all to me.

    CaliSmokes Well-Known Member

    I don't believe you. So you needed to tell me you don't care? I appreciate the final effort good sir.

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